Watson Family Photos
23rd June 2021 - The Bluebell Railway

Cream Tea on a train
22nd June 2021 - Presents

After a wonderful, busy day, it's back home for cards and presents
22nd June 2021 - Portsmouth Harbour Tour

Included in the price for visiting the Historic Dockyard is a tour of the harbour where you can see various Royal Navy and visiting ships resting between duties...on this occasion, the massive cruise ship, Virgin's 'Scarlet Lady' was also in port
22nd June 2021 - HMS Warrior, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Launched in 1860, Britain's first iron-hulled Battleship
22nd June 2021 - Mary Rose, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Built for King Henry VIII, Launched in 1511, sank in the Solent 1545, partially raised 1982

22nd June 2021 - HMS Victory, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Launched in 1765, Lord Nelson's Flag Ship at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805

22nd June 2021 - HMS M33, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Launched in 1915, this M-29 Class Monitor saw action at Gallipoli
22nd June 2021 - Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

What a Birthday treat! Always wanted to come here but never got round to it.... Fantastic place with so much to see.... You could spend all week here!
20th June 2021 - Fathers Day

Fathers Day and Birthday presents as well as cake....lovely
Remembering Kermit the hamster who passed away the previous day
...RIP Kermit
12th June 2021 - In the Garden

Strawberries and fizz with steak cooked on the BBQ
Oh...and Toffee's new hole in the fence!
5th June 2021 - BBQ at Eve's

Back to Eve and Sam for a BBQ, once Sam had built it!
5th June 2021 - Avebury

Meeting up for a picnic in this beautiful village with the ancient stone circles
30th May 2021 - Visiting Anna

To Tonbridge to see Anna, Brandon and, of course, Bella
Thanks for the lovely pizza lunch guys
22nd May 2021 - Tea and Cakes

Off to Granny's to meet up and have tea and cakes
21st May 2021 - 10th Wedding Anniversary

A lovely afternoon tea to celebrate
15th May 2021 - Staunton Country Park

This was always a lovely location for a picnic and/or a stroll but they've added so much more now, well worth a visit if you haven't been before or not for a while
10th May 2021 - Petworth House

The house is still closed but we had a lovely walk around the colourful gardens and into the park and to the Upper Lake
Will have to return when the house re-opens and explore more of the park and lakes
9th May 2021 - The Watercress Line

Another well organised train ride, the staff were excellent and we managed tea (and cake) on the train from the kiosk at Ropley
7th May 2021 - Swanage

The train wasn't busy and the staff were very helpful...all in all a very well organised return to a day out on a train
No catering on the train or stations so had fish and chips followed by ice cream on Swanage seafront, taking advntage of the lovely sunshine... although it was a bit breezy at times!
2nd May 2021 - Witley Common

A lovely walk in the wide open space and wide tracks of the common
5th April 2021 - Milton Common

A walk across the common and back along the shore to the wonderful People's Monument
20th March 2021 - Hilsea Lines

A walk in and around the Hilsea Lines area, alongside Port Creek and back along the Lines
Plenty of wildlife to see as well as the defensive sructures along the Lines
14th February 2021 - Valentines Day

A lovely Afternoon Tea with my Gorgeous Wife