Watson Family Photos
20th June 2021 - Fathers Day

Fathers Day and Birthday presents as well as cake....lovely
Remembering Kermit the hamster who passed away the previous day
...RIP Kermit
12th June 2021 - In the Garden

Strawberries and fizz with steak cooked on the BBQ
Oh...and Toffee's new hole in the fence!
5th June 2021 - BBQ at Eve's

Back to Eve and Sam for a BBQ, once Sam had built it!
5th June 2021 - Avebury

Meeting up for a picnic in this beautiful village with the ancient stone circles
30th May 2021 - Visiting Anna

To Tonbridge to see Anna, Brandon and, of course, Bella
Thanks for the lovely pizza lunch guys
22nd May 2021 - Tea and Cakes

Off to Granny's to meet up and have tea and cakes
21st May 2021 - 10th Wedding Anniversary

A lovely afternoon tea to celebrate
15th May 2021 - Staunton Country Park

This was always a lovely location for a picnic and/or a stroll but they've added so much more now, well worth a visit if you haven't been before or not for a while
10th May 2021 - Petworth House

The house is still closed but we had a lovely walk around the colourful gardens and into the park and to the Upper Lake
Will have to return when the house re-opens and explore more of the park and lakes
9th May 2021 - The Watercress Line

Another well organised train ride, the staff were excellent and we managed tea (and cake) on the train from the kiosk at Ropley
7th May 2021 - Swanage

The train wasn't busy and the staff were very helpful...all in all a very well organised return to a day out on a train
No catering on the train or stations so had fish and chips followed by ice cream on Swanage seafront, taking advntage of the lovely sunshine... although it was a bit breezy at times!
2nd May 2021 - Witley Common

A lovely walk in the wide open space and wide tracks of the common
5th April 2021 - Milton Common

A walk across the common and back along the shore to the wonderful People's Monument
20th March 2021 - Hilsea Lines

A walk in and around the Hilsea Lines area, alongside Port Creek and back along the Lines
Plenty of wildlife to see as well as the defensive sructures along the Lines
14th February 2021 - Valentines Day

A lovely Afternoon Tea with my Gorgeous Wife
Wardrobe 29th December 2020 - New Wardrobe

The new walk-in Wardrobe is taking shape with the timber frame in and the door waiting to be fitted
Christmas Cake 27th December 2020 - Christmas Cake

Time to tuck into the home made Christmas Cake, well done Lou
Christmas Day 25th December 2020 - Christmas Day

A very different Christmas this year with video calls replacing visitors!
There were still plenty of presents and lots of nice food
Toffee was seriously unimpressed as he had to wear a collar to stop him licking his bad leg!
Christmas Tree 18th December 2020 - Christmas Tree

The tree is up and decorated and the train is running...
Happy 50th Lou 17th December 2020 - Lou's 50th Birthday

Mick's Monster Burger for breakfast (with a rainbow), Afternoon Tea for Lunch and a nice Chicken in Cream and Mustard Sauce for Dinner...oh...and a fantastic cake too!
Lots of presents including a geeeetaaarrrrr!! Toffee wasn't impressed!
Not bad for a 50 year old!!
Cheers! 9th December 2020 - Wrapping Presents

A glass or two of bubbly always helps with the wrapping!
Happy Birthday Amy 4th December 2020 - Amy's Birthday

Happy Birthday Amy
Presents and Cake!
Walk-in Wardrobe 15th November 2020 - Walk-in Wardrobe

The new wall is up, making it look more like a wardrobe....still plenty to do though
Pumpkins 25th October 2020 - Pumpkins

Creating three awesome pumpkins at Eve and Sam's place
Bedroom Wall 18th October 2020 - Bedroom Wall

The wall came tumbling down! Much to Amy's concern.
Moving the wall between the bedrooms to make more space one side for a built in wardrobe
D Day Museum 10th October 2020 - Southsea

Back to Southsea with Eve and Jack too
A walk along the sea front and a visit to the D Day Story
Southsea 7th September 2020 - Southsea

Walking from the Rock Garden to the Hovercraft and back on a lovely sunny day, passing the castle, monuments and the D Day Museum with its new landing craft exhibit being prepared for public access
Happy Birthday 21st August 2020 - Happy Birthday Eve

Celebrating Eve's birthday with cake and Kermit the hamster!
Eastney 16th July 2020 - Eastney

A walk along the seafront at the Eastney end to the coffee shop where we saw a starling taking a bath in the dogs' water bowl!
Harting Down 14th July 2020 - Harting Down

A picnic and a stroll with plenty of space for everyone
Back to Work! 4th July 2020 - Back to Work

All PPE'd up and ready to go!
Happy Birthday! 22nd June 2020 - Happy Birthday!

Another year older!
Lou lays on a marvelous Afternoon Tea and then a cake provided by colleagues at work with very fancy candles!!!
Liss Station 14th June 2020 - Out for a Walk

From Liss Station along the old Longmoor Military Railway towards Longmoor Camp and then back through part of Liss Forest
Catherington Lith 7th June 2020 - Catherington Lith

Lots of tree felling due to diseased trees but nice views and a lovely walk in the sunshine
We met a couple of playful horses who seemed to enjoy rolling in the dirt!
Meon Valley 31st May 2020 - Out for a Walk

A short walk along the old railway line between Farringdon and Chawton in beautiful sunshine
Cheers! 21st May 2020 - 9th Wedding Anniversary

Unable to go out for a meal we had a lovely Afternoon Tea in the beautiful sunshine in our garden
Portsdown Hill 9th May 2020 - Out for a Walk

Portsdown Hill and Farlington, just for a bit of variety and because the usual routes are getting very busy and more difficult to social distance!
Spitfire! 8th May 2020 - VE Day 75th Anniversary

A quiet celebration of the end of the war in Europe, with a Spitfire flypast!
Decking 4th April 2020 - Cleaning the Decking

Due to the coronavirus lockdown we can't go anywhere or meet anyone so an ideal time to clean the decking ready for what is expected to be a nice hot Easter Bank Holiday weekend
Trains! 14th March 2020 - Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway

Riding trains and drinking tea...some cake was eaten too!
Clarks Village 8th March 2020 - Clarks Village, Street

A bit of discounted shopping on the site of the old Clarks shoe factory
Views of Glastonbury Tor on the way home
Midsomer Norton 7th March 2020 - Midsomer Norton

Visiting the railway centre here for their small but enjoyable Diesel Gala
Lou shows off her nails and has a ride on a Wickham trolley
Petersfield Heath Pond 18th January 2020 - Petersfield Heath Pond

A lovely walk around the lake in the winter sunshine
Lots of water birds to see