Carl's Railway Photos

22nd January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Scrap Tanks Two TIA Tank wagons for scrapping by Raxstar
801225 is onsite for mods

21st January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Jack Frost Having brought in 47815 yesterday for an exam, 'Jack Frost' waits to depart on a frosty morning
802207 departs in TPE livery

17th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57003 and 57002 57002 and 57003 have arrived for charter duty
The motor coach from 442424 is inside being split from the rest of the unit

16th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

CAR No. 17056 Mk2 BFK 17056 now has a name

15th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

86101 86101 is now in primer
800101 is onsite for mods
The first Groupe CAT liveried car carrier is ready

3rd January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Spot the Difference! 57312 - Spot the Difference!
37612 is stabled with a Test Train, including ex-Caledonian Sleeper BUO 9801
801220 is prepared for departure

23rd December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57312 57312 has arrived for a small tweak to its livery
66729 arrives with Translator Set T7
801220 is here for mods
The final 450 for refurbishment and renumbering is 450045

18th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

450560/450060 The point where 450560 turned back into 450060!
The first Statesman Rail coaches are going through the Paintshop

17th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

450048 450 refurbishment continues with more renumberings and new arrivals
801219 has arrived for mods

13th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

TSO 5366 LSL's Mk2 TSO 5366 is released from the Paintshop in Crimson and Cream
Freightliner's 47830 is completed and awaits collection
Statesman Rail's BFK 17056 is now in Pullman colours
Another 801 has arrived for mods

11th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

62944 (442405) The first 442 coach is in the scrap line ready for final component recovery

9th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

59003 59003 arrives with the Matisa P95 TRS2 (Track Renewal System 2)
More 450/5s are renumbered
801217 is present for mods

6th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66847 Rebranding of the Colas fleet has started with 66847 the first
802216 is now in full TPE livery
The motor coach of 442405 is inside for component recovery
The Swanage Class 117 is on test again - also check out the Video on my YouTube channel

3rd December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

31128 and 07007 31128 arrives with Generator Car 6310 from Burton
The Swanage Class 117 is on test in the yard
450051 is another renumbering

2nd December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

87002 and 86101 86101 and 87002 are both being prepped
Welcome back 450059, 450064 and 450067
Part vinyled 802216 has arrived

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