Carl's Railway Photos

15th August 2015 - Corsham

66017 on an engineering train associated with the Bathampton blockade

10th August 2015 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73119 receives corrosion repairs before being repainted
57003 is on the Load Bank
A Matisa Tamper Trailer is receiving repairs
KUA 95770 has arrived for overhaul

6th August 2015 - Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway

A trip up this picturesque line in lovely sunshine, Ravenglass to Dalegarth behind steam loco 'NORTHERN ROCK' and returning behind diesel loco 'DOUGLAS FERREIRA'

6th August 2015 - Ravenglass

No sign of 37s today, all DMUs

5th August 2015 - Edinburgh Waverley

47851 and 57316 on a West Coast charter
67020 on Thunderbird duty
91115 on a VTEC service
92033 stabled between Caledonian Sleeper duties

3rd August 2015 - Foxfield (Cumbrian Coast)

Passing the station and seeing the 'peg' up it seemed worth stopping
Top 'n' tailed 37s and a pair of 57s on a flask move, all in 5 minutes, made it a good call!

2nd August 2015 - Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway

A short ride from Haverthwaite to Lake Windermere behind a Bagnall industrial tank engine
The engine shed was open to look around
Both 03s and the 20 were viewable

31st July 2015 - Eastleigh

66080 shunts the virtual quarry

31st July 2015 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

BSO 9488 is now in ScotRail livery

30th July 2015 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

50026 and 50021 are pulled outside while the next batch of Undeground units for stripping and scrapping are sorted out

29th July 2015 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57007 is now in the latest DRS livery

28th July 2015 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66715 is in primer with yellow ends
A start has been made on 66429

25th July 2015 - Cosham

First Great Western, Southern and South West Trains units

23rd July 2015 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37219 becomes the first Colas 37 to visit with a Test Train
59003 has had it's yellow front panels altered
The centre track in Bay 1 North is now connected

21st July 2015 - Eastleigh

59002 passes on it's way to Westbury
66001 shunts the virtual quarry

21st July 2015 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Work on 08934 is progressing
Repairs to 08721 are also progressing
37601 is stabled with a Test Train
73136 and 73141 are stabled with another Test Train
66715 is part-way through being prepared for repainting

18th July 2015 - DRS Kingmoor Open Day

Reminiscent of Scotland in the 1980s, a 37/4, 47/7 and DBSO head the line-up of locos for this excellent event

17th July 2015 - Crewe

A pair of Riviera liveried 08s and a 56 shunt the depot
66423 passes through with a northbound intermodal
57304 is on Thunderbird duty

17th July 2015 - Bescot

A pair of withdrawn 08s languish behind the station

14th July 2015 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

More Underground cars are in the scrap line

13th July 2015 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66426 is released from repainting and departs with
repaired 47828 and two PFA wagons
66429 arrives for repainting with 47790 and 47841
Apologies to a certain DRS driver for 'tinkering' with his headboard,
all in just had to be done!

9th July 2015 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66715 collects completed 66707 for its return to traffic

8th July 2015 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08934 has been moved inside for repairs to begin
3184 is the last of the current batch of ex-Victoria Line cars
to be scrapped

7th July 2015 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47815 arrives back with Translator Set T5

6th July 2015 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66707 is complete and ready to go
66426 is ready for painting

3rd July 2015 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66707 receives its refurbished crests

2nd July 2015 - Eastleigh

An 08 and a 66 shunting the Virtual Quarry

2nd July 2015 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73109 is lifted back on bogies and 73119 is lifted onto stands
66707 nears completion

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