Carl's Railway Photos

23rd November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Five of Riviera's latest aquisitions have arrived from East Yard where they'd arrived by road. BSO 9522 is the first inside the shed for replacement of missing/broken windows
Bodywork repairs to 50021 are progressing well

22nd November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66097 is on the East Yard trip
37175 and 37116 are on site with a Test Train

21st November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73109 arrives with 73212 and an RHTT set for wheel changes
08887 is busy shunting
57307 heads for the Paintshop

17th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08887 is ready for action

16th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57307 is on test ahead of a trip to the Paintshop

15th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The Royal Scotsman Observation Car has had its roof repainted and bodywork re-clearcoated
37254 is stabled with a Test Train
66003 is on the East Yard trip

14th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73141 departs after Bogie Overhaul and Wheel Change
The first Royal Scotsman vehicles are going through the Paintshop

13th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73133 is shunting Riviera stock
07007 is inside for repairs

9th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Mk1 FO 3120 joins 3110 in chocolate and cream
The final 455, 5864, has arrived for AC traction conversion

8th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37423 arrives to collect 9521
E6016 is now on stands
08887 is back together and almost ready for testing

1st November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73141 is back on its bogies
Bogies for the Swanage DMUs are being rebuilt now the wheels have started arriving

31st October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

EM-Sat 999800 departs for Derby by road
73133 is shunting 442s
Mk2 BSO 9521 is complete and ready to go
The Speno RPS32-2 Rail Grinder has arrived for annual maintenance

28th October - Eastleigh

The first 158 in the new SWR livery

27th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08887 is nearly complete
EM-Sat 999800 is made ready to leave by road
More Wheelshop equipment is delivered
The overhead gantries are going up in the Wheelshop

24th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37116 is stabled with a Test Train
08887 is being put back together
Riviera Mk1 FO 3110 has been repainted in chocolate and cream

18th October - Nene Valley Railway

Class 14 9529 on the service train and plenty to see along the line
34081 is delivered by road during the afternoon
The recently arrived trailer car for the Swedish railcar is at Overton

16th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66739 arrives with four MLA wagons for Overhaul
Mk2 BSO 9521 has arrived for repairs
The sky turns read over Eastleigh due to the affects of Hurricane Ophelia!

13th October - Eastleigh

66739 departs the Depot

10th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Two more Class 442s have arrived from Brighton under their own power
08887 is going back together
47841 is being made ready to leave
The Wheel Boring machine is being installed and the gantry crane supports are going up in the Wheelshop

4th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73202 arrives with the first two Class 442s from Selhurst

2nd October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73133 is brought in by 47813

2nd October - Eastleigh

47813 arrives with 73133 in tow from Bournemouth

1st October - Island Line

483004 and 483008 in action on the unique Island Line

1st October - Isle of Wight Railway Diesel Gala

Amazing! The only word for it...a Class 33 on the Island!
Well Done to everyone involved, a great achievement

1st October - Portsmouth Harbour

Catching the Fastcat to the Isle of Wight for their Diesel Gala

30th September - The Torbay and Dart Explorer

The first run for Mk1 RBR 1657, fresh out of Overhaul and performing faultlessly
My thanks to everyone at Riviera Trains, Pathfinder Tours and Frying Scotsman Catering for their hospitality on this wonderful trip

28th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66725 is complete and looks fantastic in the sunshine
66769 is on the DB East Yard trip!
Canadian Pacific is back on its wheels

27th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66725 has had the Sunderland adornments added in the Paintshop

26th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Resident at the Works since December 2008, Mk1 RBR 1657 has finally made it out! Looking very smart in BR Blue and Grey and marshalled into the Riviera Charter for the coming weekend as a proving run

25th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

DMU 51356 is now in BR Green
66725 is in GBRf Gold
Canadian Pacific is almost ready to go back on its wheels
Preparations in Bay 1 for the arrival of the first 442s are well underway

22nd September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The supports for the Wheel Shop crane have been blasted and painted and are ready to be shunted inside for fitting
Painting of the floor in Bay 1 is progressing

19th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66055 brings in 21245 and 6310 from Burton

15th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

A Class 47 triple header as 47812, 47815 and 47813 depart on 9 KFAs destined for Dollands Moor
08790 is in use in the yard

14th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Installation and Commissioning of the Wheel Lathe is underway
Training has started on the Wheel Press
Mk1 FO 3121 is the first to have its roof repainted
Mk1 FO 3120 is masked up ready for blasting back to bare metal as part of its Overhaul

13th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08790 is repaired and out in the yard ready for testing
66434 has arrived with 57003 and departs with two KXA-Cs
73119 is inside being disconnected ahead of a wheel change

12th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66724 is complete
Work has already started on 66725, the final one in 'Barbie' livery

9th September - ICRS @ Eastleigh Works

The Inter City Railway Society annual Eastleigh Works event
Cab rides and 'Driver for a Fiver' in 07007, 08879 and 47818
The weather was wet and windy at times but with some sunshine too

7th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

'Sarah Siddons' arrives by road
66721 arrives with Translator Set T7
Views of the almost completed new roof, with only part of Bay 3 to complete
The new Wheel Lathe is being installed

6th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73110 is offloaded

6th September - Eastleigh

73110 arrives by road

5th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66147 on the East Yard trip

4th September - Eastleigh

Old and new passing....
33025 and 37518 return the LU 4-TC set from Swanage to Ruislip
SWR's first 444 in their new livery returns from the launch in London

2nd September - From London

Willesden Junction to home

2nd September - Old Oak Common Open Day

What a fantastic Spectacle!
So much to see and great weather too
It was also great to catch up with so many people I haven't spoken to in a while

2nd September - To London

Petersfield to Willesden Junction for the Old Oak Common Open Day

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