Carl's Railway Photos

26th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

442408 arrives from Bournemouth
47815 is on test outside

25th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47815 receives its decals
59003 arrives to collect 16 IIA Coal Hoppers and take them to Doncaster
37601 arrives to take a couple of 442s to Bournemouth
37254 is stabled with a Test Train (37099 was on the other end)

23rd October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

First in Class 444040 and 450113 depart after interior refurbishment

22nd October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

LU Well Wagons in and out

20th October - Hayling Seaside Railway

This 2ft gauge railway runs for a mile along the seafront at Hayling
A nice ride on a lovely sunny day and a nice collection of small locos
Well worth a visit

19th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66775 (F231) arrives to collect Translator Set T5

18th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

ROG's 47815 is released from the Paintshop and prepared for a bogie swap
66538 arrives with the final batch of 16 HHA Coal Hoppers for scrapping
Mk1 FO 3123 is back to bare metal in the Paintshop ahead of its repaint

15th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73213 is on test in the yard

12th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66748 arrives to collect Translator Set T5 but departs without it due to paperwork issues!
47815 is progressing well
Only three HHAs left to scrap

10th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The ten flat wagons that arrived with the HHAs on Monday as additional brake force await collection by Freightliner

9th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

59003 is back for a minor repair
Another two LU SB Wagons are almost completed

8th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Another ten HHAs have arrived for component recovery and scrapping (the first one is already in the scrapyard being cut up)

4th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Work is progressing on preparing 47815 for repainting
47812 departs with 37901 to Leicester
37254 is stabled with a Test Train

3rd October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47812 arrives to collect 37901
The final Stoneblower on site has had its cabs removed

3rd October - Eastleigh

LNER IEP 800109 departs the Depot for Doncaster

2nd October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37901 is prepared for departure

1st October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

One of LU's TRV Pilot Cars arrived for urgent repairs on Saturday and is completed and re-loaded for return to London

28th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Completed 60095 is out in the sun again
Two more LU GP wagons have arrived

27th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

60095 is back inside for black to be applied around the windows

26th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

60095 is outside in the sunshine

25th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73965 arrives to replace failed 73964 on the Test Train, giving us 11 73s on site at the same time!
59005 is completed and outside
The Wheelshop is now producing wheelsets

24th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

GB18 tour locos 50007 and 50049 depart, leaving 73107 and 73141 stabled in the yard
444040 and 450113 are now in the main workshop

21st September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Long term Test Shed residents, 444040 and 450113 are in the yard ready to move into the main workshop

20th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The Swanage Railway 117 is now a three-car set
60095 has its decals applied
Two 442 sets have had their motor coaches removed
The final LU SB wagon has arrived

17th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

59005 is under repair
60095 is now in GBRf Gold
66091 arrives twice from East Yard with each of the two sets of Riviera stock from the weekend's charters

14th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73136 is ready to depart

13th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66780 is out and so is the sun!
The first LU GP wagons have arrived

11th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

59005 has arrived for repairs
66780 is outside for the first time
60095 is shunted into the booth for painting of the primer

10th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Another batch of 10 HHA Coal Hoppers has arrived for component recovery and scrapping
08567 is shunting LU wagons
66780 is nearing completion
Class 117 trailer car 59486 is back on bogies and ready to be re-formed with its power cars

8th September - ICRS @ Eastleigh Works

The annual Inter City Railway Society bash at Eastleigh Works
Highlight of the day was the naming of 37901 'Mirrlees Pioneer'
07007, 08567 and 73133 all in use for cab rides and 'Driver for a fiver'
In addition to the visit fee which will go to the Arlington charity later in the year, an extra £351 was raised for Special Olympics South East Hants by selling stock lists and the 'Driver for a fiver' runs
Thanks, as always, to Barry and Jeanne of Arlington for permission to hold the event and also thanks to Glenn at Europhoenix for allowing us to unveil the name on 37901 and Cambrian Transport for use of 73133

7th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The masking comes off 66780, revealing its Cemex livery
The nameplates go on 37901 at the end of the day
Work has begun on 60095 for GBRf
At the depot next door, 180106 is released in Grand Central colours

5th September - Seaton Tramway

This 2' 9" narrow gauge electric tramway runs alongside the beautiful River Axe - a wonderful place and something a bit different to ride on
Well worth a visit!

5th September - Pecorama, Beer

A preserved Pullman Car used as a Tea Room - excellent Cream Teas!

4th September - Dartmouth Steam Railway

A King and a Pannier Tank on the service trains
A BR Standard, two 03s, an 08 and a 25 also visible
Another wonderful line

3rd September - South Devon Railway

D6501, Pannier 6412 and Bubble Car 55000 on the service trains
Plenty of other locos and stock to see up and down this lovely line

1st September - Tonbridge Yard

GBRf's base in this part of the world, plenty of 73s in evidence plus the new Schweerbau High Speed Milling train
Also, the Test Train locos from Eastleigh were here, 37421 and 37612

1st September - Tunbridge Wells West

On the Spa Valley Railway, unique Clayton D8568 was on the service train and plenty of other stock around the shed

1st September - Isfield, Lavender Line

Surprisingly, this line was closed on a sunny saturday!

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