Carl's Railway Photos

6th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

5991 is in the Paintshop for repainting
More LU wagons have arrived

5th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66238 (to become 66788) is now in primer
Another pair of LU wagons have arrived

2nd February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08879 shunts 442419 around into Bay 1
37608 departs with repaired JRA wagons
47812 is back on its bogies
Another two LU wagons arrive

1st February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37608 takes 442410 to Bournemouth and returns in the evening with 442419
47848 arrives with 37884 from Foxton
Two more LU wagons have arrived

31st January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66250 has arrived for repainting, it will become 66789
Riviera's RK 80042 is shunted back into the set for use on the next charter
37608 has arrived for Class 442 moves the following day

30th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The first two LU Spoil and Ballast Wagons arrive ahead of a program to carry out overhauls to them

29th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

GBRf's second 66, 66781 (ex 66016) is released from the Paintshop
Work has started on 66238 (to become 66788)

19th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Signwriting on 80042 is completed
TSO 5366 has had the centre doors plated over
Road 10 in Bay 4 has been extended the full length of the bay

18th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66782 (ex 66046) is released from the Paintshop in it's modified GBRf livery advertising GBRf Charity Railtours
67023 and 67027 are swapped out for 73961 and 73965 on the Test Train
66016 is next into the Paintshop
66743 arrives with two FEA-S wagons

17th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Colas Rail's 'Stella' and 'Charlotte' pay their first visit on a Test Train
66782 (ex 66046) nears completion in the Paintshop
80042 is now chocolate and cream

11th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Five Statesman Rail coaches have arrived for exams
GBRf's first ex-DBC 66 is being painted
Riviera's RK 80042 is part way through transformation into BR (W) chocolate and cream

10th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47812 is inside having replacement wheels
47810 is being overhauled for its new owners
Bodywork repairs to 50021 are progressing well

9th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The Swanage DMUs are having their bogies and engines refitted
66046 is in the paint booth and is now officially renumbered 66782
66016 (to be 66781) is now inside for work to begin
66238 (to be 66788) is also inside and will be the third to be painted
Over the fence, DB liveried and still DB owned, 66097 is shunting the Virtual Quarry

8th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Stoneblower DR80303 has arrived for repainting and is shunted into the old Paintshop

3rd January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Another recent GBRf acquisition, 47739 arrives behind 66717
A last look at 66046 before it officially becomes 66782

2nd January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Prep and corrosion repairs to 66046/66782 are well underway
Outside the fence, 180108 departs the Arriva depot next door in its new Grand Central livery

21st December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Riviera's RK 80042 is being prepared for repainting

20th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Four of GBRf's latest acquisitions have arrived for repainting with 66046 the first to be will emerge as 66782
37025 is stabled with a Test Train
The final SWR 455 for AC traction conversion departs

18th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08887 is moved into position for collection by road transport the following day
Bay 4 South is now clear and can be prepared for the next project

14th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57302 arrives between 37059 and 37259
The Swanage DMUs and LU Saloon are moved into the Van Shop

13th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57307 has had its cabs repainted

12th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The overhaul of 47810 is stepped up
07007 has new springs on the centre axle

11th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66117 arrives from Burton with three Riviera coaches
73212 is almost ready to depart

9th December - Churnet Valley Railway

ex-GWR 2-6-2 no. 4277 and 33102 top 'n' tail the 'Santa Express' in the snow!

7th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73212 is back on its bogies with new wheels
07007 is having another broken spring replaced

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