Carl's Railway Photos

15th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66739 66739 arrives with seven more HST trailers for scrapping
20314 has failed so the move of 442422 to Wolverton is postponed
59003 is masked up ready for repainting

14th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73212 08511 collects 73212, 73136 and 11x JGA wagons
The orange 20s arrive with barriers for another 442 move
HST TS 42573 is scrapped

13th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66767 and T7 66767 departs with Translator Set T7
The pacers are moved
HST TS 42060 is scrapped

12th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

90001 90001 is now in primer
90002 is not far behind
59003 has entered the Paintshop
73962 and 73964 depart on a Test Train
01508 is back in action
Barrrier 6346 is lifted back on its bogies
Work has started on the new Works entrance

7th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Another one bites the dust! The end has finally come for Class 442 MLC 62960 of 442424

5th May - Eastleigh

EVENING STAR 66779 'EVENING STAR' shunting in the Virtual Quarry

5th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Pair of 90s 90001 and 90002 side by side in the Paintshop
62960 is on borrowed time as the last HST trailer in front of it in the scrap line is stripped ready for scrapping

4th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66764 and HST Mk3s 66764 brings in six more HST trailers for scrapping
37116 arrives on a Test Train
ANGELS WITHOUT FACES - Check out the tribute to the NHS on the back of this van - Nice one Stu!

30th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

442407 442407 arrives from Ely, the final one, and then 66710 departs with 66731 and the two Barrier coaches

29th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Clapping for the NHS 66731 has returned and had its nameplates fitted
A low key ceremony inside due to the heavy rain was then followed by a re-run outside as the rain had stopped!
Both were accompanied by clapping for the NHS and for the achievement of Captain Tom
HST trailers 42284 and 42505 are now in the scrap line

28th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66731 66731 departs back into service while its nameplates have arrived and are painted
90001 has lost its nameplates
HST TGS 44043 is no more, with the bogies saved for re-use

24th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

90002 Work has started on 90002

23rd April - Unveiling 66731, Eastleigh Works

Thank You NHS Echoing the thoughts of the nation, at the request of GB Railfreight and Porterbrook, 66731 is unveiled in GBRf livery with the bodyside panels in NHS blue and 'Thank You NHS' on the sides
GBRf staff and Paul Clifton from BBC South Today were there to witness and clap for the NHS - a short clip appeared on BBC South Today later that evening

23rd April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

90001 & 90002 90001, 90002 and three Mk3 coaches arrive behind 47805
47805 returns to Crewe with 86101 and Mk2 TSO 5366
66731 is made ready for its unveiling

22nd April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

First 442 Vehicle Scrapped The first Class 442 vehicle is scrapped - RIP 62944
47812 and 47848 depart for Leicester
66731 is painted, just demasking, decals and detailing to do
The first two HST trailers are in the scrap line

21st April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47848 47848 receives its 'Thank You NHS' decals
62944 of 442405 is shunted into the scrap area

20th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Orange 20s The orange 20s are back, this time with 47813 and some HST trailers in tow

16th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47812 47812 is almost ready to leave

15th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

ex-Split Box 37s A pair of ex-split box 37s side by side
66731 loses its 'Interhub GB' nameplates

14th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Blue & Grey A pair of Blue and Grey Mk2s
Our final 142, 142003 has arrived
50026 is receiving repairs to its paintwork

9th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66731 Work has started on preparing 66731 for repainting
66507 arrives with four FWA wagons that were damaged in the Eastleigh de-railment on 28th January

9th April - Eastleigh

60055 60055 departs the Depot

8th April - Eastleigh

60055 60055 passes on its way to Eastleigh Depot with a rake of ex-Greater Anglia Mk3 loco hauled coaches

8th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47812 47812 is outside in the sunshine showing off its new colours
66731 has arrived for repainting

7th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

IETs Depart Take 2! 802218 arrives and successfully collects 801201

6th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Batch 2 The second batch of 142s arrive, 142056 and 142007 (142003 had to be left behind!)
Mk2 TSO 6176 is now demasked

3rd April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Mk2 TSO 6176 Mk2 TSO 6176 is shunted out of the Paintshop, still requiring demasking
47812 is nearing completion
The Matisa P95 is back outside and formed up following overhaul

2nd April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Cappagh 60 DCR's Cappagh livery 60028 arrives for fuel and departs with three overhauled JRA wagons
73136 and 73212 have arrived for repairs
801201 is part vinyled in LNER colours but only the three vehicles at the London end
Blue and Grey Mk2 TSO 5952 is lifted onto its overhauled bogies

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