Carl's Railway Photos

24th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

20314 and 20311 The second pair of 20s in less than a week!
20314 and 20311 arrive from Ely with 442401

24th March - Eastleigh

56103 and 56091 Who'd have thought it possible.... while waiting for a pair of 20s to arrive with a 442, a pair of 56s pass through!

20th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

20118 and 20132 20118 and 20132 prepare to depart

19th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

20132, 20118 and 57312 20132 and 20118 arrive with 57312, the ex-GLV Translators and 6346
Plain grey 802218 arrives
Mk2 TSO 5952 is now blue and grey

18th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

50021 The ETH Generator for 50021 has arrived
37069 is outside on test

17th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47812 47812 has been wrapped, exactly the same as 57312
Riviera's Mk2 TSO 5952 is in primer

16th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Blue IPA The first IPA (TDT852) in Groups CAT midnight blue livery

15th March - Toddington

24081 and 37248 A return to see what's changed, and a lot had around the depot, before heading home as the heavy rain set in! I blame the bloke washing the 24...he made it rain lol

14th March - Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway

BR 9466 Pannier 9466 and the 117 DMU on the service trains
47105 looks to be in the middle of a repaint
47376 looks great in it's triple grey Freightliner livery
The new station at Broadway is amazing work is progressing on the footbridge and second platform

13th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47812 47812 is blue
442412 is the latest to arrive from Ely

12th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47810 A busy day!
47805 and 47810 arrive with some ex-GWR HST Mk3 TF vehicles
08567 shunts the Matisa P95 (TRS2) machine
47812 is now blue and receiving black underframe
A pair of match wagons have arrived from Ely

10th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

442421 Our collection of 442s is increasing with 442421 arriving from Ely
442402 still has its motor coach in gatwick Express livery while the rest of the unit is in the new SWR livery
Both 442402 and 442422 have been re-tractioned and are awaiting movement to Bournemouth to join the first conversion, 442419
47812 is in primer in the Paintshop
802203 arrives in all over grey

8th March - Westbury

165131 Strange seeing 165s and 166s here!

8th March - The Mendip Quarries

Whatley Quarry The A361 was closed at the entrance to Torr Works so couldn't get any views of the quarry but managed the branch on its approach to Merehead
Whatley had a small selection of locos including a Freightliner 66 that I couldn't identify

7th March - Midsomer Norton

Midsomer Norton An excellent Diesel Gala at this small site
A shame the 26 wasn't able to make it but still had a great time
Even managed to get a ride in the restored Wickham

28th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

InterCity 87 47501 and 47805 return to Crewe with 87002 and ten Statesman coaches
57312 prepares to depart with four barrier coaches
Sarah Siddons is back

26th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

802219 Plain grey 802219 and plain white 801201 have arrived
One of the FWA wagons from the Eastleigh derailment has arrived for repairs

25th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

801224 801224 prepares to depart
70806 and 70812 are on site for exams and/or repairs

24th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

87002 87002 nears completion in the Paintshop

19th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

InterCity 86 86101 is finished but awaits nameplates and decals
73962 has taken the place of 73963 on the Test Train
The last part of the old Apprentice Training School is reduced to rubble

18th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

87002 87002 is shunted into the paint booth
73963 and 73965 are on site with a Test Train

17th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Demolition Demolition of the old Apprentice Training School continues

14th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47812 47812 is in the Paintshop
50021 now has bodyside windows with thanks to those involved in restoring the loco - a nice touch Paul
The Statesman is all together for testing and finishing

13th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

141108 A closer look at the 141

11th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

141108 141108 has arrived by road from the Colne Valley Railway
08511 is on the trip from East Yard

10th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Yellow 313 More testing of 313121

7th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Demolition! Demolition of the old Apprentice Training Scheme has begun - the first of many major changes over coming months as the new owners re-develop parts of the site
313121 is on test in the yard

6th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

86101 First sight of completed 86101 - looks stunning!
57305 has brought back the ex-GLV Translators, all three sets of Arlington liveried Translator vehicles are on site together
442415 is prepared for departure to Wolverton

5th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

86101 86101 is all masked up to have its bogies and underframe painted
The last Siemens unit of the current project, 444043, nears completion

5th February - Eastleigh

Temporary Repair The temporary repair to the damaged track following the derailment, showing why no trains for Southampton and beyond can call at Eastleigh
Trains to Portsmouth can still use Platform 3 now the stranded 450s have been removed

4th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

802205 TPE liveried 802205 departs
Siemens final unit, 444043, is almost complete

3rd February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Swanage DMU Departure And finally...with access restored....the Swanage Railway Class 117 DMU departs in the rain behind 66787
The train went as far as East Yard where each of the four cars are to be loaded to a lorry and taken to the Swanage Railway by road due to a gauging issue at Brockenhurst

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