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18th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Midland Pullman The Midland Pullman
Photos beyond the primer stage are enbargoed until the train departs
Once the embargo is lifted this collection will be made active
More details of this exciting new train can be found here

17th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Midland Pullman

The Midland Pullman
Photos beyond the primer stage are enbargoed until the train departs
Once the embargo is lifted this collection will be made active
More details of this exciting new train can be found here

16th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73952 73952 arrives for 3rd rail testing
66792 is outside being prepared for collection
62937 of 442401 is in the scrapyard
Mk3 TF 41183 has arrived by road via East Yard

14th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

319009 The first vehicle of 319009 is up on stands for corrosion repairs
43046 and TGF 44078 are now in primer with TFs 41182 and 41169 close behind
701007 is now on site for testing/commissioning

2nd September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

43046 43046 is now in primer
Mk3 FO 11068 is now complete in InterCity livery
Mk3 TF 41169 is being prepped for LSL's Midland Pullman

27th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Barrier 6340 Mk1 Barrier 6340 is complete in Rail Operations Group livery and awaits collection
43046 is the first power car in the Paintshop for LSL's Midland Pullman

26th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66792 66792 is complete and awaiting replacement windscreens

24th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

701006 701006 has arrived for commissioning/testing
77382 of 442401 has been set aside for the NRM, the rest of 442401 is now in the scrap line
Mk3 FO 11068 is being painted in InterCity livery
Mk3 TGS 44078 is having First Class seats fitted to make it a TGF and Mk3 TFs 41162 and 41182 are being prepped ready for repainting for LSL's Midland Pullman
The FRA-B wagon conversions are progressing with most now renumbered

13th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

71862 (442421) 71862 is next in line for scrapping

12th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

77426 (442421) The first Class 442 Driving Trailer is scrapped
66792 has the stencils applied
Royal Train 2922 is ready for collection
I get to drive 319373!

10th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

319373 319373 is prepared for demonstration to various potential customers using a temporary platform and with 77482 fitted out with various options for stowage of pallets, cages etc.
66792 is in primer
Barrier 6340 is repainted, awaiting decals

4th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

319373 Testing of 319373 on the 3rd rail is underway

31st July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Orion High Speed Logistics Orion High Speed Logistics 319373 is complete and outside looking very smart

30th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

701002 701002 is partly outside for a while
66550 collects some wagons
442421 is in the scrap line

27th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66790 Having departed for a few days, 66790 has arrived back behind 59003

21st July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Orion Wrapping of the 319 is well underway with the second vehicle now started

20th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

HSTs Looking more like a Hornby trainset! two power cars and one coach have arrived
The wrapping of 319373 has started and the final vehicle is released from the Paintshop
Three wagons have arrived for scrapping by Raxstar

10th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66790 66790 is almost complete, just a few decals to add
08511 collects some wagons

9th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

77482 (319373) 77482 is the first vehicle of 319373 to be painted ready for wrapping
66790 receives the finishing touches

8th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

442421 442421 is stripped and awaiting a move into the scrap line
The Test Train 37s depart
57305 and 73109 are on stands

7th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Test Train Loco Swap Swapping locos on the Test Train with 2x 73/9 arriving to replace 2x 37
The first 319 vehicle is in primer

6th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

InterCity Mk3 The first Mk3 in InterCity
66790 is in primer
Work has started on the 319

2nd July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66792 Rush Rail liveried 66792 has arrived for repainting
66603 collects a solitary KFA

29th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

314 for Scrap 314204 is now in the scrap line
319373 is heading for the Paintshop
73109 has arrived for new wheels as 73128 prepares to leave

26th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

New Entrance The fence goes up around the entrance
The final Mk3 (for now) is in the scrap line

24th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Barriers and Brake Force Views of the Barrier and Brake Force Wagons used on the 701 moves
The first Mk3 is in InterCity livery

19th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Sad looking 442 The sad sight of 442401 stripped and waiting its turn in the scrap line
442421 is inside being stripped
73128 is lifted back onto its bogies after a wheel change
The fence is going up around our new entrance

17th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

43083 43083 moves under its own power
59003 returns to active duty
Freightliner's 66585 brought in wagons for overhaul
Ts 42516 is history

16th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66790 66790 has arrived for repainting
TS 42516 is in the scrap area
The Van Shop gets a makeover

14th June - Longmoor Military Railway

Liss Station A walk along what was once part of the Longmoor Military Railway from Liss station, where the LMR platform and a set of buffer stops are still in position, towards Longmoor Camp

11th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

InterCity 90s Depart 47712 arrives with more HST Mk3s for refurbishment and 43083 and departs with InterCity Swallow liveried 90001 and 90002
The 37s are back with their Test Trains
701002 has arrived for commissioning and testing

10th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Split Box 37s A pair of split box 37s on Test Trains
59003 is released from the Paintshop in revised GBRf livery
Barrier 6346 is completed in ROG blue livery
Mk3 TSO 12171 is in the Paintshop
TGS 44022 is being scrapped

9th June - Eastleigh

60046 60046 passes on a DCR route learner and later departs the depot after fuelling

8th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

319009 319009 and 319373 have arrived
90002 is now almost complete
Mk2 Barrier 6346 has its decals applied
Mk3 TF 41128 is scrapped

5th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66739 66739 arrives with more Mk3s from Ely for scrapping

2nd June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Barrier 6346 Mk2 Barrier 6346 is well underway in the Paintshop
57305 is already being worked on
90002 has its underframe painted
Mk3 TS 42552 is the latest to succumb to 'Snip'

1st June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Matisa P95 Departs 66759 collects the Matisa P95 (TRS2)
57305 arrives for an exam and repaint
73128 has arrived for new wheels

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