Carl's Railway Photos

23rd July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The second ex-GLV Translator, 68504, is now in green and both receive their Arlington logos and company info
Please Note; For those awaiting photos of 47739 in its new livery, which is now complete, GBRf have requested that it be kept under wraps while other work is carried out on the loco

18th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Riviera's Mk1 RMB 1832 is released from the Paintshop resplendent in Chocolate and Cream livery
73961 is on site as standby for the forthcoming GBRf charter

17th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The 'English' side of 47727
Work has started turning 66184 into 66787

16th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Caledonian Sleeper liveried 47727 arrives with Translator Set T7
66137 arrives back with the Torbay Express empty stock

14th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Riviera's Mk1 FO 3146 is in the train ready for its first run for them since purchase and overhaul

13th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08567 shunts the latest batch of converted coil carriers for 66050 to take to Llanwern
07007 shunts its namesake 450007

12th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73101 and 73139 are now owned by GBRf and have been delivered for storage
Vastly different fates await Swanage Railway 117s, 51346, 51388 and 51392!

12th July - Eastleigh

Two Class 73s arrive from Derby by road

11th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47739 is in primer
66184 has arrived for repainting and will re-emerge as 66787
Riviera's FO 3146 is made ready for its first outing since being completely rebuilt

10th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The next batch of converted coil carriers are coming together

6th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

07007 is busy shunting Desiros
Paul finds out just how protective the Seagulls are of their young as he sees the 07 up the yard!

4th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

68501 is outside, awaiting completion of partner 68504 which is now in the prep area
37254 and 37175 are stabled with a Test Train
Riviera's RMB 1832 is now in primer

3rd July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

A look at 68501 in its new colours
66785 (ex 66132) is outside ready for release

2nd July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66785 (ex 66132) is completed
Ex-GLV 68501 receives the final touches
Riviera's Mk1 FO 3146 is now Chocolate and Cream

29th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Colas's latest 37, 37521, arrives with a Test Train

28th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66744 and 66755 are back

27th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66755 (with plate covered) and 66744 head to Victoria for the naming and a GBRf VIP special charter

26th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Bodyside repairs complete, 66785 is shunted back to the Paintshop
66755 arrives with new nameplates ahead of official naming the next day
68501 is almost complete in the Paintshop
Riviera's Mk1 FO 3146 is in primer

25th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08567 is a runner...a few more jobs to do before it's fully operational
Another 442 swap with Bournemouth, 442406 used as traction again to bring up 442417 and take away 442413
Three OTP machines are on site for maintenance

21st June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

LU's 4-TC set has arrived

19th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

A before view of a coil carrier showing how much is being changed
Two DMU cars have been dug out from behind the Test Sheds

18th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Repairs to 47815 are underway

14th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Coil Carrier conversion work in progress
73136 has arrived for new wheels

13th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Ex-GLV 68501 is now in Arlington Green
HNRC 37612 is stabled with a Test Train

12th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Two LU wagons head to Southampton Docks for final scrapping
Coil Carriers in the various stages of conversion

8th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Work is well underway on the complete overhaul of Riviera's Mk1 FO 3141
6024's support coach, Mk1 BSK 35333, is now up on stands for its overhaul to begin

7th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66557 is collected by 66526
GLV 68504 waits its turn in the Paintshop

6th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Siemens 444 and 450 units are now having interior refreshes

5th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66557 undergoes a wheelset and traction motor swap
47739 is now in the Paintshop
66785 (66132) is almost painted but requires some additional bodywork repairs
47813 has arrived with another 13 JSA coil carriers for conversion
73962 and 73965 are stabled with a Test Train
GLV 68501 is also in the Paintshop

2nd June - BLS Arlington Explorer

Four round trips to the Test Sheds and the round the back and up through Bay 3 for BLS and PLEG members using 07007, the Kof, 73133 and 66784
Over £5000 was raised for Arlington's nominated charity, RNLI
Thanks to BLS, PLEG and to GBRf for the loan of 66784 and a driver and to Cambrian Trains for allowing us to use 73133
What an afternoon...same again (but slightly different!) next year??

2nd June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66133 attempts toleave with the Charter stock but is turned back by the signaller and has to try again later!
07007 does its 'day job' of shunting ahead of starring in the BLS event in the afternoon

1st June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

'MOLLY' arrives for the BLS Arlington Explorer this weekend
66557 has arrived for a traction motor replacement
Riviera's Mk1 FO 3141 is dug out of the sidings as the next one to go in for full overhaul

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