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13th May - Purbeck Mining Museum, Norden

Have always promised myself I'd have a look around the museum and never found the time so made sure I did this time and it's well worth it...very interesting with lots of exhibits and useful info...will come back again!

13th May - Swanage Diesel Gala - Day 3

Day 3 and a bit of welcome sunshine!

An excellent Gala as always and a credit to all those who made it happen...well done guys!

12th May - Swanage Diesel Gala - Day 2

Day 2 of the Gala with plenty more action including D6515 and 50049 on the Corfe Castle to Wareham shuttles

11th May - Swanage Diesel Gala - Day 1

First day of the Gala proper with 20007, 20142, D6515, 33111, D7017, 45041, 50031, 50049, 73133 and 73136 all in action

10th May - Swanage Diesel Gala - Preview Day

The prelude to the Annual Swanage Diesel Gala with Hymek D7017 and Battle of Britain 34053 on the service trains, 33111 providing Driver Experience runs from Norden towards the NR boundary and D6515 arriving from London with a charter with 20007 and 20142 on the rear of the LU 4-TC set

9th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66783 and 73136 arrive with ten JRAs for repairs and to collect 73133 to make up the second convoy of locos to Swanage

8th May - Eastleigh

Two Class 50s and a Class 45, on their way to Swanage

8th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37884 is complete and ready to depart, complete with new nameplates
66132 has arrived for repainting, to become 66785 in due course
66784 (ex 66081) is in primer
Riviera's Mk1 RBR 1691 is also in primer
The first of the coil carrier conversions are underway

3rd May - Bedhampton

A short trip out for some fresh air and a bit of exercise, hoping to see the blue and grey 313 but was not to be this time!

13th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Repairs to 37884 are progressing well with the nose end now being rebuilt
The first batch of JSA coil carrier wagons have arrived for conversion

10th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The first four LU Spoil and Ballast wagons have been shot plasted and painted
The final Swanage DMU (51388) is in primer in the Paintshop, as is GBRf 66786 (ex-66141)

6th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

20189 and 20205 arrive for a charter train, 20205 arrives first via a turning move on the depot loop and then 20189 arrives with 73962, the 20s are then re-united in traditional bonnet to bonnet configuration
47810 is being prepared for departure and now carries numbers

5th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66141 is in prep in the Paintshop and will emerge as 66786

29th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66230 collects six coaches for return to LNWR Heritage at Crewe, including Mk2 RFO 1203 which has been repainted in BR Crimson and Cream
24 HYA/IIA coal hoppers have arrived for General Repair

23rd March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37884 has been stripped for repairs
66783 is released from the Paintshop in red Biffa livery and departs with Translator Set T7, a very colourful combination!
37059 and 37069 have arrived for the weekend's charter

16th March - Eastleigh

A trio of GBRf 66s depart the Depot

15th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47813 collects three Stoneblowers that NR have sold to Harsco

14th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Sarah Siddons is lifted off her bogies onto stands
37884 has also been lifted onto stands
47810 is released from the Paintshop in primer
Mk2 TSO 5991 is released from the Paintshop in BR Crimson and Cream

11th March - Waterloo East

More 465s and 466s with a handful of 375s and 377s and the London city skyline to boot

11th March - London Bridge

Never been here before so thought it a good place to see 465s and 466s... Although the middle platforms were closed for engineering work, there was still plenty to see, the track machine adding a little variety

11th March - Stratford

Should've done my research!
Arrived at Stratford to find no mainline trains due to engineering works!!! Had hoped to photograph the Anglia stock before it all gets replaced in the next few years
Still, never realised there was a plinthed steam engine out front of the station though!

10th March - Didcot

So much has changed since my last visit....
Old and new at Didcot with plenty of HSTs and two 165s on shuttles to Oxford with some IETs and lots of 387s on stoppers to Paddington

9th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47818 is back on its bogies

8th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

TDA 78213 is completed and shunted out ready for departure

7th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

LU spoil and ballast wagons continue to arrive

6th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66141 has arrived with Translator Set T7
66141 is for repainting and will re-emerge as 66786
First sight of Mk2 TSO 5991 in its new colours

5th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

50021 is shunted out to gain access to the shed, giving a chance to see the progress made on the bodywork in recent months

2nd March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73109 has been lifted and the bogies are being prepared for the new wheelsets
It's so cold that large Icicles hang from the sides of some of the locos!

1st March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66788 and 66789 are moved to the fuel point as the snow comes down harder

1st March - Eastleigh

A busy morning with locos departing Eastleigh Depot as the snow comes down

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