Carl's Railway Photos

26th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66503 66503 is released from the Paintshop and is gone within a couple of hours!
The Swanage Class 117 is on test in the yard
Work has already started on 86101
Another pair of 450/0s return
Mk2 TSO 5366 is now carmine and cream, awaiting demasking

22nd November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

86101 and 87002 86101 and 87002 finally arrive for repainting behind 47810, having laid over in the yard due to a track defect on the Botley line

21st November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

67021 Pullman liveried 67021 arrives to collect the ECS for Tyseley
47830 has arrived and is being worked on
66503 is orange and having the stencils applied for the black
Another two 450/0s return
Recently repainted 450036 has arrived

15th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57312 A better look at 57312, now outside
802204 has arrived
Mk2 TSO 5366 is now in primer

13th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57312 A first look at the completed 57312
47848 has arrived from Ilford behind 47815
47813 is fuelled ready to return to Leicester
More 450/0s are re-created

12th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

442 Re-Traction The motor coach of 442402 is on stands part way through the conversion to AC traction package

8th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

450063 The 450/5s are being renumbered back to 450/0 as they have their interiors refurbished

7th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66503 66503 is in primer and its plates are ready
The wrap is finished on 57312

6th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

802208 802208 arrives
The wrap goes on 57312

5th November - Eastleigh

08738 Harrison is busy as always!

5th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Translator Set T4 Translator Set T4 (6378 & 6379) is relaesed from the Paintshop
66503 is shunted out part way through prep'ing

31st October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47614 47614 (47853) has arrived with D1935 (47805) and the Statesman rake
37116 is on site with a Test Train

30th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

TSO 5366 LSL's Mk2 TSO 5366 heads for the Paintshop
Work has started on 66503
IET 801213 has arrived

28th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66503 66503 has arrived for repainting
802215 is now in TPE livery
Translator 6378 is in primer

25th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47813 47813 has arrived
Translator 6379 is now in Oxford Blue

23rd October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

802202 TPE 802202 arrives for modifications and wrapping

21st October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

TRC666 LU's Track Recording Car TRC666 has had drawgear repairs and departs back to London
08507 is shunting 800102

18th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

70813 70813 is on site for repairs

17th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

IETs A 14-car IET (1x TPE 5-car and 1x LNER 9-car) arrives from Doncaster
73107 is on stands while new wheels are fitted to its bogies

16th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57312 57312 is now in Oxford Blue with a black roof
Translator 6379 is ready for priming
More JSAs are arriving for conversion and having their hoods removed

15th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

100024 A second wagon has arrived for scrapping by Raxstar

9th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Minions! The Minions arrive! Examples of all three versions of re-engineered 73s on site at the same time:
- 73951 and 73952 arrive for Traction Training with Colas Rail
- 73963 and 73965 arrive with a Test Train
- 73970 is made ready for return to Scotland after fitting of new wheels
TPE liveried 802214 departs
Mk2 TSO 5366 is back on its bogies
OBA 110160 arrives by road for scrapping by Raxstar

6th October - Twyford Waterworks Museum

Redland 4wBE The final Open Day of 2019 and an opportunity to see the Redland (Funton Works) built battery loco being overhauled and more photos of ex-Southern Railway Motor Rail 5355
Managed to miss seeing Wingrove & Rogers N7606 again as well as the Hibberd so an excuse to return next year!
Thanks to Graham and Colin for making us most welcome

4th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37667 and 47501 BR Green 37667 arrives with 47501 and departs behind 47805
70813 brings in 70808 for repairs

4th October - Eastleigh

66162 Déjà Vu - 66162 again!

3rd October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37610 37610 and 37612 are back with their Test Train
LNER 801209 prepares to depart

2nd October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

60026 HELVELLYN 60026 poses in the sunshine in its new Beacon Rail livery with GBRf branding
37610 and 37612 depart with a Test Train
TPE 802213 departs

1st October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47805 47805 is in the Paintshop
60026 has its 'HELVELLYN' nameplates and final decals fitted

1st October - Eastleigh

Maritime Intermodal Five 66162 'Maritime Intermodal Five' departs the Arriva Depot

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