Carl's Railway Photos

1st September - Twyford Waterworks Museum

Lister 42494 Only open on a few days a year, this one was Motor-Rail 7374's 80th Birthday
Lister 42494 was on the upper demonstration line

29th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

50033 50007 departs for Kidderminster with 50033

28th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Glorious and Rodney Last chance to get 50021 and 50033 together before 'Glorious' departs in the morning

27th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

802210 IET changeover day - 800108 and 802210 out, 801203 and 802211 in
47815 has brought in 57305
66711 arrives with more wagons for overhaul
50007 is back to collect 'Glorious'

25th August - The Lymington Branch

450010 Not quite a CIG, 450010 on the branch service

25th August - Southampton Central

444017 90 minutes waiting for a train to Brockenhurst whilst they all pass through already 'full and standing'!

23rd August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

802210 802210 is now in TPE livery, providing an 'old and new' comparison with a 1960s DMU in the next shed
50033 is now painted

22nd August - Eastleigh

Union of South Africa 'UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA' passes through, just visible above the weeds!

21st August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73969 73969 departs behind 66722
50007 and 50049 return to Kidderminster
442416 is ready to go back to Bournemouth

20th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66712 66712 arrives with more coal hoppers for maintenance

20th August - Eastleigh

802209 and 66009 TPE 802209 departs the depot with 66009 following right behind

19th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

800108 The first 9-car Hitachi IET arrives, 800108
73201 has finished railtour duties and is now waiting its turn for new wheels
The 33 and 73 are back with the LU 4-TC set after a busy weekend, the 33 now due to return the 4-TC Set to West Ruislip

16th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

33012 33012 and 73107 are formed up with the LU 4-TC Set ready for two charters, to Warminster (for Imber) on Saturday and to Swanage on Sunday

15th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

TSO 5009 5009 is now outside awaiting a return to the workshops for final interior finishing

13th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

802210 The first Hitachi IET arrives, 5-car 802210
73969 is ready to depart after receiving new wheelsets

12th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works


1987 is now inside and lifted onto stands for work to begin
50021 is back in the Paintshop for the underframe to be painted black
50033 is now in primer
Riviera's Mk1 TSO 5009 is now repainted

10th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37669 and 37706 The Branch Line Society/WCR charter 'Type 3 to the Sea' arrives for servicing and the engines are swapped around then the coaches are split and reformed

1st August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66773 66773 is completed and released from the Paintshop in its new rainbow livery before the plates are covered up ready for its departure and naming the following day at Brighton
59003 arrives with a mk1 kitchen car for refurbisment
EM-Sat 999801 departs by road for Plasser at Ealing

31st July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

50021 50021 looks fantastic now the decals are applied
One side of 66773 receives its rainbow embellishments
Nameplates for 66773 are painted
Riviera's mk1 TSO 5009 is in primer

28th July - Alexandra Hotel, Derby

37411 The cab of 37411 sits in the car park in the pouring rain

27th July - Appleby to Derby

50008 The rain holds off while 50008 pauses at Appleby for a brief photo stop
At Leeds, I collect my raffle prize from the cab of the loco where it's been for the whole trip
The replica nameplate alongside the original on arrival back at Derby
My thanks to Jason at Hanson and Hall and Kevin of the Branch Line Society and their respective teams for an excellent day out

27th July - Carlisle

LEANDER Carlisle in the pouring rain!
'LEANDER' is waiting in the centre road and disappears south to turn before returning to collect its charter stock from alongside platform 1

27th July - Derby

Return of Thunder Vac 50008 heads the Return of Thunder Vac railtour to Carlisle and return with 67002 on the rear

24th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Rodney Rodney now has nameplates

24th July - The Swanage 121 Departs

Swanage 121 D6515 collects the 121 and returns it to Swanage
A last minute change of plan means 73133 is used to shunt the formation so the 121 leads out of the Works

23rd July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

60026 60026 and 66773 arrive for attention in the Paintshop

22nd July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

55028 The Swanage Railway 121 receives numbers and BR logos as final preparations are made for departure
47245 returns with the charter stock

21st July - Volks Electric Railway, Brighton

Volks Electric Railway No. 6 and No.8 are out and No.8 is paired with an unmarked car

21st July - Brighton

313201 BR Blue and Grey 313201 puts in an appearance
GWR 150247 arrives
The usual 377s and a couple of 700s

21st July - Havant

377436 Off to Brighton by train for the day

19th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

50021 A dull day weather wise but anything but dull at the Works!
50021 is shunted out of the Paintshop
West Coast 47245 collects the Riviera charter stock
47815 departs back into traffic

18th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

TSO 5009 Plenty going on in the Paintshop with 57312, 50033 and Riviera's TSO 5009 all being worked on

17th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Pair of 67s A pair of 67s collect the Riviera charter stock
73119 arrives for a wheel change

14th July - East Somerset Railway

BR 5637 Ex-GWR 5637 hauling the service trains with a small number of other locos about, the Shocvan behind the engine housed a generator to power the dining coaches
Class 108 DMU 56271 appeared freshly painted in BR Blue

14th July - Midsomer Norton

Sentinel VBT 7109 Another beautifully restored station and a second VBT Sentinel in two days, this one working the trains about a mile towards Chilcompton and back
Also on site is an 08 in BR Green and an English Electric 0-4-0 industrial shunter, along with a Wickham trolley that was giving rides up and down the station yard

13th July - Axbridge Station

Axbridge The A371 Axbridge bypass now passes where the railway line used to be, creating a very strange sight indeed!
The building looks to be in good condition and is now in use as a Sea Cadet facility, according to the signs

13th July - Sandford Station Heritage Centre

Sandford This privately owned and beautifully restored station on the Strawberry Line from Yatton to Wells is run by a friendly and dedicated group of volunteers
The station building has a museum and a restored Ticket Office and there is a Tea Shop where you can get drinks and snacks and then go and sit in the open wagons or inside the 4-TC brake coach
The Sentinel VBT is similar to those used in the local quarries
Well worth a visit if you're passing

10th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

50021 50021 is now painted
50007 and 50049 arrive with 50033 for repainting, with 50026 that brings the total number of Class 50s on site to five!

9th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

FO 3147 Riviera's FO 3147 is finished
50021 is masked up for painting the balck window surrounds
BFK 17080 and BSK 35333 are back outside awaiting developments

5th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66747 66747 has its nameplates fitted and is posed in the sunshine for photos
66847 brings in 70809 for a C Exam

4th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08460 08460 collects 73967 on the first leg of its journey back to Scotland

3rd July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Made in Sheffield The 'Made in Sheffield' nameplates for 66747 are being painted
50021 is masked up ready for painting BR Blue

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