Carl's Railway Photos

27th April 2007 - Southampton Maritime

66593 Fresh off the boat the week before, brand new 66593
08891 is shunting again, 08077 is parked up

27th April 2007 - Eastleigh

960012 SWT Route Lerner 'John Cameron' passes through
EWS, Freightliner and GBRf 66s in and around the station
Stored 08s/09 on the depot
D2991 shunting in the Works in undercoat

13th April 2007 - Cosham

221111 Diverted Voyagers!
Plus the usual varied selection of units, diesel and electric

12th April 2007 - Southampton Maritime

08891 08077 and 08891 shunting, 08624 parked up
67003 passes on an intermodal
Plenty of units passing through

12th April 2007 - Eastleigh

31452 Fragonset 31452 passes through the station three times, light into the works, back out with four Mk2 coaches, runs round in East Yard then back through the station towards Southampton
60078 does the same with a freight into the yard, then light to the depot (presumably for fuel) and back through into the yard

4th April 2007 - Westbury

CLAN LINE 'CLAN LINE' takes on coal while 66171 arrives with it's VSOE Pullman stock
08714 is shunting and 08947 is stored in the yard
Plenty of units, including a 143, a 150, 153s, 158s, a 159 and 180s



April 2007