Carl's Railway Photos

29th May 2010 - Eastleigh Works

59002 59002 is lifted for replacement of the centre casting liners
The new Paintshop is being made ready

28th May 2010 - Eastleigh Works

Sir Lamiel A steam hauled stock move in the 21st Century! Sir Lamiel arrives to collect the 108 DMU and return it to Swanage
59002 arrives for repairs
Stoneblower DR80209 arrives for repainting

25th May 2010 - Eastleigh Works

66844 66844 is now completed in Colas Rail livery
First Group liveried 66732 pays a visit
The 108 prepares to leave for Swanage

22nd May 2010 - The Lymington Branch

Farewell to the Lymington Flyer Both 1497 and 1498 in use during the day as a fitting tribute to these workhorses and their retirement from the Lymington Flyer

22nd May 2010 - Southampton Central

153380 Changing trains on the way to say farewell to the Lymington CIGs

22nd May 2010 - Cosham

Cosham Off to Lymington for the 3-Cig farewell

21st May 2010 - Eastleigh Works

80042 Mk1 RK 80042 is now in Blue and Grey
66844 is in the Paintshop with Colas Rail orange on one half of each side

16th May 2010 - Fawley Hill Railway

Fawley Hill What an amazing place! I was very fortunate to get an invite and it was a wonderful day even with some showers at times
The Hudswell had an issie so the 03 deputised on some runs while the loco was taken into the workshop and checked over
So much to see here and the slope is something to see and experience!

14th May 2010 - Eastleigh Works

DRS Convoy 3x stored DRS 20/3s are collected by 37611
56101 is back from its trip to Swanage
Stoneblower DR80211 is now repainted

11th May 2010 - Eastleigh Works

66844 66844 has arrived for fuel tank repairs and repainting in Colas Rail livery

9th May 2010 - Swanage Railway Diesel Gala

73119 The final day of the gala
A great weekend had by all

8th May 2010 - Swanage Railway Diesel Gala

Swanage Diesel Gala Day 2 of the gala with 1x 31, 2x 33/1, 1x 37, 1x 45, 1x 47, 1x 50, 1x 56, 1x 73 and the 4-VEP

6th May 2010 - Eastleigh Works

Swanage Convoy The Swanage Convoy departs with 3x 73, 1x 37 and the 4-VEP
31233 is stabled with a Test Train
51933 is completed in the Paintshop
Stoneblower DR80211 is in the Paintshop
47709 awaits the scrapman



May 2010