Carl's Railway Photos

23rd June 2010 - Clapham Junction

Test Train A busy day with 73s on a Test Train passing through three times and even some freight plus pPlenty of units; 158s, 159s, 377s, 378s, 442s, 444s, 450s, 455s, 458s, 460s
442s now appearing on the Gatwick Express services in place of 460s
New 3-car 378s on London Overground services

23rd June 2010 - Woking

159s Changing trains at Woking on the way to Clapham Junction

22nd June 2010 - Brighton

319380 A few minutes at the station with 319s and 377s

22nd June 2010 - Havant

377428 Off to Brighton for the day

21st June 2010 - Eastleigh Works

Stoneblower The Stoneblower has decals fitted and departs the Paintshop
50026 is now inside
66956 arrives to collect wagons for return to Southampton Maritime

9th June 2010 - Eastleigh Works

50026 50026 has arrived
Stoneblower DR80209 is being rubbed down
A good variety of wagons under repair

6th June 2010 - Hollycombe

Hollycombe Standard and narrow gauge steam locos operating
Other steam and diesel locos on display
A great place with plenty going on, well worth a visit



June 2010