Carl's Railway Photos

31st July 2010 - Eastleigh Works

59001 Now it's 59001 having its centre castining liners replaced
Work is progressing on D6515 (33012) by the 71A guys

17th July 2010 - Eastleigh

66401 Ex-DRS 66401 and 66731 with 73213 alongside the station

17th July 2010 - Eastleigh Works

59004 59004's turn to have its centre casting liners replaced
47709 is inside being stripped of useful components

10th July 2010 - Crewe Electric

56070 Withdrawn locos and some MPVs

10th July 2010 - DRS Gresty Bridge Open Day

DRS Open Day A good selection of DRS traction from 20s, 37s, 57s and 66s
37409 is named 'Lord Hinton'

9th July 2010 - Basford Hall

47816 Three withdrawn 47s await their fate

9th July 2010 - Gresty Bridge

ex Fastline 66s A sneak preview of most of the exhibits for the following day's Open Day, including the ex-Fastline 66s

9th July 2010 - Crewe

47843 Riviera 47s on Crewe Diesel and a selection of units through the station

9th July 2010 - Tame Bridge

66248 66248 on a freight, several units and an elusive 08 that came close but not close enough!

9th July 2010 - Eastleigh Works

HST Buffet Cars Stored HST Buffet Cars, Stoneblowers and Class 20s

1st July 2010 - Brighton

319365 Plenty of 171s, 313s, 319s and377s in a variety of liveries

1st July 2010 - Havant

377304 Off to Brighton for the day



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