Carl's Railway Photos

28th August 2010 - Eastleigh

66192 A few minutes at the station before heading off to an appointment

28th August 2010 - Fareham

450076 Changing trains on the way to Eastleigh

24th August 2010 - Eastleigh

66538 Passing Freightliners and stabled 73s

24th August 2010 - Eastleigh Works

975974 Barrier coaches 975974 and 975978 are being converted to Translators
31602 is stabled with a Test Train
Bodywork repairs are underway on 33012

24th August 2010 - Cosham

377323 Off to Eastleigh to visit the Works

19th August 2010 - Bedhampton

158749 A quick trip to test out the new camera

18th August 2010 - Eastleigh

Sir Lamiel 'SIR LAMIEL' passes on the 'Dorset Coast Express'

18th August 2010 - Eastleigh Works

66709 66709 is in for a major exam

4th August 2010 - Amberley Museum

Amberley Museum A huge variety of narrow gauge locos on display and in operation
James Bond - A View to a Kill was filmed here with the 'Main Strike Mine' still labelled as such!
Well worth a visit



August 2010