Carl's Railway Photos

23rd October 2010 - Eastleigh Works

Stored 66s Four ex-Freightliner Class 66s have arrived for storage

21st October 2010 - Eastleigh Works

66606 66606 arrives with coil carrier wagons for storage
DR80210 poses in the sunshine before departure
The first of Translator Set T5's vehicles is painted 'Arlington Green'
A look at the large number of stored wagons on site from the basket of a cherry picker

20th October 2010 - Eastleigh Works

08032 08032 arrives and is unloaded

20th October 2010 - Alresford

Loading 08s Two 08s are prepared for loading and transporting to Eastleigh Works

19th October 2010 - Eastleigh Works

08933 08933 is unloaded
The Test Train arrives, top 'n' tailed by 73107 and 73138
DR80210 is out of the Paintshop, receiving finishing touches

19th October 2010 - Eastleigh

Test Train A Test Train heads for the Works via a reversal in the station and 08933 heads to the Works on the back of a lorry

14th October 2010 - Eastleigh Works

975974 Work is progressing on Translator Set T5

12th October 2010 - Eastleigh Works

CHELTENHAM CHELTENHAM receives some Press attention before being shunted inside for its overhaul to commence
07007 receives attention to its compressor

12th October 2010 - Eastleigh

67005 67016 and 67005 bring charter stock into the depot

8th October 2010 - Eastleigh Works

CHELTENHAM CHELTENHAM poses in the Works yard

7th October 2010 - Eastleigh Works

CHELTENHAM Arrives CHELTENHAM arrives behind 60071

7th October 2010 - Eastleigh

BITTERN BITTERN passes on a charter, with 37516 on the rear, and 60071 brings CHELTENHAM from the Stone Yard to the Works

6th October 2010 - Eastleigh

CHELTENHAM CHELTENHAM arrives at the Stone Yard and is coupled to its tender

5th October 2010 - Eastleigh Works

DR80210 Stoneblower DR80210 has arrived for repainting

5th October 2010 - Eastleigh

D1015 D1015 (masquerading as D1038) passes
CHELTENHAM's tender has been unloaded in the Stone Yard

2nd October 2010 - Swindon & Cricklade Railway

03022 & 73003 The Thumper and 73003 on the service trains with the 08 and Fowler helping out
Plenty of other locos on display with two Class 03s and a Class 09 plus a couple of small steam engines at Hayes Knoll

2nd October 2010 - Chinnor

Clayton No trains running today but plenty to see stabled in and around the station including the unique Clayton Class 17 and 08011 part way through a repaint



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