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27th January 2011 - Eastleigh Works

D6515 (33012) emerges from the Paintshop in green
66186 arrives with more wagons for repair or storage
66709 is on test
450088 prepares to depart

26th January 2011 - Eastleigh Works

The boiler is lifted off 'CHELTENHAM'
The yellow warning panels go on D6515 (33012)

26th January 2011 - Eastleigh

59104 is in the Virtual Quarry
59005 is passing

25th January 2011 - Eastleigh Works

50026 is lifted for traction motor replacement
D6515 (33012) is in white primer in the Paintshop
444037 and 450088 are on the jacks
450080 departs back into service
Stoneblower DR80216 is in the prep area of the Paintshop

20th January 2011 - Eastleigh Works

66206 arrives with wagons for repair
66953 arrives with coil carriers for storage

20th January 2011 - Eastleigh

08735 is shunting the Virtual Quarry

19th January 2011 - Eastleigh Works

The MPV fleet rest from de-icing duties

18th January 2011 - Eastleigh

09022 is shunting the Virtual Quarry again

18th January 2011 - Eastleigh Works

Stoneblower DR80213 is now repainted
D6515 (33012) is in the Paintshop
444022 and 450083 are on the jacks

13th January 2011 - Eastleigh Works

66066 arrives with 306017
GLV 68501 is back on its bogies

12th January 2011 - Eastleigh Works

66709 is under repair by EMSI in the Van Shop
444043 and 450021 are on the jacks
Mk2 FO 3182 is receiving attention in the Arlington workshop

12th January 2011 - Eastleigh

306017 arrives by road and is unloaded in the Virtual Quarry for onward movement by rail into the Works
In the morning, the first two vehicles have already arrived, with the final vehicl arriving later and 08735 shunting the complete unit to East Yard ready for the move to the Works the following day

6th January 2011 - Eastleigh Works

Both 07007 and 73119 on shunting duties on a busy day
08032 and 08933 under repair

5th January 2011 - Eastleigh

09022 shunting the Virtual Quarry

5th January 2011 - Eastleigh Works

Stoneblower DR80213 is in the Paintshop
444038 and 450097 are on the jacks

3rd January 2011 - Mid Hants Railway

Black 5 45379 and BR Standard 73096 on service trains
12082 (painted as 12049) looking resplendent in it's new coat of paint
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