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28th April 2011 - Eastleigh Works

The Caterpillar engine is removed from the Speno Rail Grinder
Preparation work continues on 47790
Some internal shots of ex Serco Mk1 977905

27th April 2011 - Eastleigh Works

47790 is having headcode boxes and bodyside access steps filled in
66714 arrives with some wagons for storage
D6515 (33012) is on the Load Bank
450029 is up on jacks
The combined AFSL and Speno teams are getting to grips with the overhaul of the Rail Grinder with work ongoing on all six vehicles

24th April 2011 - Didcot Railway Centre

BR Express Blue liveried 6023 'King Edward II' in use on the demonstration line and on the turntable - a magnificent sight!
GWR Pannier Tank 3738 hauling an Autocoach on the Branch Line
FIRE FLY replica in steam on the Broad Gauge line
GWR Steam Railmotor 93 on display in its purpose built shed

24th April 2011 - Didcot

A large number of 66s including Euro 66033
60040 'The Territorial Army Centenary'

22nd April 2011 - Eastleigh Works

59001 has arrived for fan replacement
59005 is lifted to replace polymer bearings in the bogies
66579 is ready to return to traffic with GBRf
450086 is the latest up on the jacks
Splitting and lifting of the Speno railgrinder has begun

21st April 2011 - Eastleigh Works

Newly named 47810 'Peter Bath MBE 1927-2006' and 47501 depart to collect the stock from the Boat Train
Speno rail grinder DR79221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226 has arrived for overhaul by Arlington Fleet Services and Speno
Ex Serco MK1 coach 977905 has arrived from the depot

19th April 2011 - Eastleigh Works

47790 is having a lot of work done on corrosion damage to the roof, upper bodysides and cab floors
57008 is stabled ready to assist with the Boat Train later in the day
66579 is being prepared for a return to service with GBRf
73138 and 73107 arrive with a NR Test Train
450008 is on test and 450553 is up on the jacks

19th April 2011 - Eastleigh

08995 is the new shunter in the yard, replacing 08480
47810 and 47501 double head the Boat Train to Southampton Docks
66539 and 66955 double head a Freightliner to Maritime
73107 and 73138 top 'n' tail a Test Train destined for the Works

16th April 2011 - Severn Valley Railway

A quick trip to Bewdley and back and a visit to the diesel sidings

16th April 2011 - Kidderminster


15th April 2011 - Birmingham Moor Street

The bay platforms have now been returned to use for Chiltern

15th April 2011 - Stourbridge

A trip down the branch on the Parry People Mover

15th April 2011 - Didcot

Two Kings on display as well as the usual collection of other GWR steam locos

15th April 2011 - Eastleigh Works

47790 is in the Paintshop being prepared repainting into a special livery
450008 is up on jacks

14th April 2011 - Moors Valley Railway

Moors Valley Country Park is a great family day out with a lake, an adventure trail and a steam railway - something for everyone

13th April 2011 - Eastleigh Works

450081 is up on the jacks
DR73908 is in for maintenance

8th April 2011 - Eastleigh Works

66580 is shunted into the Van Shop to be prepared for re-use with GBRf
450076 is the latest unit in for traction motor replacement
Preparations continue in Bay 3 (South) for re-opening

7th April 2011 - Eastleigh Works

31106 and its Test Train are back
66085 arrives with vans for repair by AFSL
Repainting of 'CHELTENHAM's leading bogie continues

5th April 2011 - Eastleigh Works

31106 is stabled with a Network Rail Test Train comprising 6262, 999605 and 9701
450079 is on test in the yard and 450098 has replaced it on the jacks

1st April 2011 - Eastleigh Works

450079 is the latest in for traction motor replacement whilst 450096 is on test in the yard
'CHELTENHAM's leading bogie is being prepared for repainting
60049 passes the gates

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