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29th July 2011 - Eastleigh Works

31465 is back with its Test Train
Work has begun on the new track at the south end of the yard

27th July 2011 - Eastleigh Works

73107 and 73138 depart with a Test Train first thing in the morning and return at lunchtime

26th July 2011 - Eastleigh Works

47832 is prepared for repainting
66575 has arrived for maintenance and renumbering
31465 is stabled with a Test Train
73212 arrives with 73208 for repairs
The new track in Bay 5 is now in use

26th July 2011 - Eastleigh

4492 'Dominion of New Zealand' (aka 60019 'Bittern') passes on the down Dorset Coast Express with 37516 on the rear

22nd July 2011 - Eastleigh Works

66731 'InterhubGB' departs, having brought in 508208 and 508211 from Telford the previous evening
450012 prepares to leave while 450028 is on the jacks

21st July 2011 - Eastleigh Works

66081 arrives with two wagons for repair
66849 is posed in front of the Paintshop
66711's bogies are being refitted

19th July 2011 - Eastleigh Works

The new tracks in Bay 5 are ready for use

18th July 2011 - Eastleigh Works

DRS 47712 and 47832 have arrived for repairs
66517 arrives to collect overhauled KFAs
66849 is almost ready to leave
450004 is up on jacks
07007 and 977905 are used to check clearances inside Bay 5 where the new track has been laid

16th July 2011 - DRS Kingmoor Open Day

Awful weather but it did stop raining eventually!
A good variety of Classic and Modern traction like only DRS can assemble, with 47790 the star of the show!

15th July 2011 - Kingmoor

A sneak preview of some of the locos for the Open Day the following day

15th July 2011 - Carlisle

A good variety of freight and plenty of units

15th July 2011 - Warcop, Eden Valley Railway

A pair of 37s, including recent arrival 37042, plus a distinctly Southern feel with EMUs and a Thumper

15th July 2011 - Kirkby Stephen East

A good collection of mainline locos and work ongoing to develop the station site

15th July 2011 - Tebay

The last remaining Class 502 unit, standing in the open just off the M6 at Junction 38 - if you can help restore or make a donation to the restoration please visit the Friends of the 502 Group at

14th July 2011 - Eastleigh Works

New track is checked for gauge and tiebars installed to keep it correctly spaced

13th July 2011 - Eastleigh Works

Trackwork in Bay 5 takes shape
The overhaul of 47813 is progressing with the cooler group and pumps removed

12th July 2011 - Eastleigh Works

Freshly painted but without decals, 66849 (ex 66576) has its fuel tank removed to facilitate repairs to the engine bay floor
The new turnouts have arrived for Bay 5 and are being laid

8th July 2011 - Eastleigh Works

66847 is posed in the Works yard
66849 (ex 66576) is in the Paintshop receiving the black
450001 is awaiting departure back to Northam
450003 is up on jacks
The traverser is no more

8th July 2011 - Eastleigh

47790 southbound on the Boat Train

6th July 2011 - Eastleigh Works

47813 has had its power unit lifted out
66847 (ex 66574) sees the light of day for the first time as it and 66576 are swapped around in the Paintshop
The front Traverser is moved under its own power for the very last time to allow laying of fixed track into Bay 5, the scrap men moving in later in the day to start dismantling it ...RIP

6th July 2011 - Eastleigh

47790, now sporting 'Galloway Princess' nameplates again and cast Pullman crests as well as cast number plates, leaves Eastleigh depot with the Boat Train ECS to Southampton Docks with 47818 on the rear

5th July 2011 - Eastleigh Works

07007 is modified with a special coupling bracket on the front
66576 is being prepared in the Paintshop
CHELTENHAM's wheels are being painted
Work to prepare for new track in Bay 5 (North) is well underway

1st July 2011 - Eastleigh Works

66850 departs after repainting and renumbering
66576 arrives to be the 3rd of this batch to be renumbered and repainted
450019 is up on the jacks
Work has begun on digging out to lay new tracks inside Bay 5 (North)

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