Carl's Railway Photos

30th September 2011 - Eastleigh Works

Plenty of yellow paint in the Paintshop as 57312 and GLV 68504 near completion

29th September 2011 - Eastleigh Works

Bodywork repairs have started on 57306
57312 is having the detail painting done
GLV 68504 is masked out for painting of the roof
444024 has arrived for replacement of its intermediate couplings
BSO 9504 has arrived for repainting
Canadian Pacific's tender awaits collection by road

27th September 2011 - Eastleigh Works

57312 is masked out for painting of the underframe black
GLV 68504 is masked out ready for painting the yellow
66705's overhaul is now complete and the loco is on test

26th September 2011 - Eastleigh Works

57312 and two GLVs are shunted around to get them in the right order for the Paintshop
66708 collects 73119 for its new life on the mainline with GBRf
Canadian Pacific is shunted into the shed for storage, minus tender
150209 has arrived for storage
MPVs have started shakedown runs in readiness for RHTT duties

23rd September 2011 - Eastleigh Works

57312 is now all over yellow
All three GLVs are now back on bogies and have had doorways plated over and roller shutters added
DB Schenker are preparing the MPVs for their RHTT duties
DLR Engineers flat wagon 996 has arrived for overhaul

22nd September 2011 - Eastleigh Works

The first public guided tour takes place with participants offered a tour around the inside of 50026 by the owner Paul Spracklen
47500 arrives from the Mid Hants Railway with Canadian Pacific for storage and departs with nine Mk2 TSOs for Southall
57312 now has yellow ends
73119 is still in use despite impending departure
450543 is up on jacks

20th September 2011 - Eastleigh Works

57312 moves into the Paintshop and masking out has begun
57306 is now in the preparation area
31465 is stabled with a Test Train
450543 is on the jacks

19th September 2011 - Eastleigh Works

57312 is progressing well in preparation for repainting

16th September 2011 - Eastleigh Works

66724 arrives for refuelling
450087 is up on jacks

15th September 2011 - Eastleigh Works

The nameplates are removed from 73119 in preparation for its sale to GBRf
66213 arrives on the weekly trip from East yard with one wagon and departs with several KFAs and IVBs, all repaired
The new sidings in Bay 5 have been extended into the south end

13th September 2011 - Eastleigh Works

57312 is the first admitted to the paintshop for preparation work to begin, 57306 is next and 57310 awaits a temporary return to traffic on driver training in the area
A last look at 73119 before the nameplates are removed
450027 is up on jacks

9th September 2011 - Eastleigh Works

66846 has the decals applied by the guys from Spectrum Signs and is posed in the yard
57312, 57306 and 57310 arrive from Wembley for repainting into Network Rail livery
DR98914 and DR98964 are up on jacks being overhauled by DBS
450015 is up on jacks

8th September 2011 - Eastleigh Works

Work continues on overhauling 47813 and 47853
Door modifications to one of the GLVs are nearing completion with roller shutter doors being installed

7th September 2011 - Eastleigh Works

'CHELTENHAM' and a B17 - not the LNER variant, a WW2 US Flying Fortress overhead!

6th September 2011 - Eastleigh Works

66846 in the Paintshop in orange and yellow
73202 off its bogies
BFK 17159 is back inside ready to be completed
450014 up on the jacks

1st September 2011 - Eastleigh Works

47853 is off its bogies and on stands
66707 arrives with the AFSL liveried Translators
450038 is on the jacks
Work on 'CHELTENHAM' is progressing with the leading bogie now back on its wheels
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