Carl's Railway Photos
30th November 2011 - Eastleigh Works
73s galore!
73204 arrives to partner GLV 68501 which is now based here for the Wessex region
73205 and 73208 arrive to take 73213 and GLV 68505 to Tonbridge
73202 awaits departure
150002 and 150209 depart for duties with FGW
29th November 2011 - Eastleigh Works
Work has begun preparing 47813 and 57305 for repainting
57301 is now yellow
444012 is on the jacks
28th November 2011 - Eastleigh Works
323 674-2 is once again running round the yard
25th November 2011 - Eastleigh Works
73202 is completed
The Speno Rail Grinder has arrived for a wheelset change
24th November 2011 - Eastleigh Works
Work has begun preparing 47853 for repainting
323 674-2 is running round the yard under its own power
08735 arrives with wagons on the trip from East Yard
444029 is up on jacks
508202 is the last 508 to arrive from Telford
22nd November 2011 - St Philips Marsh
Class 08 rests between duties
17th November 2011 - Eastleigh Works
66731 arrived the previous evening with 508203 and 508205
66714 nears the end of its overhaul
16th November 2011 - Eastleigh Works
A big shunt around of 508s to make room for the next ones due from Telford shortly
LUL unit 3149 is tested on the 4th rail
15th November 2011 - Eastleigh Works
31465 is back with its Test Train
444013 is up on jacks
14th November 2011 - Eastleigh Works
57301 is in primer in the Paintshop
57303 is masked up for painting the underframe black
66731 departs with the barrier vehicles for another 508 move
11th November 2011 - Eastleigh Works
All six NR Class 57s on site for a short while with 57305 having arrived from Tonbridge the previous evening and 57310 and 57312 having arrived for A exams this morning - giving the first opportunity to see two yellow 57s together for the first time before 57306 departed for Tonbridge
57301 is prepared ready for painting
57303 is painted yellow and awaits decals
31465 is on site with a Test Train
10th November 2011 - Eastleigh Works
57306 receives the finishing touches
66731 brought in 508204 and 508207 the previous evening
444019 is up on jacks
7th November 2011 - Eastleigh Works
66542 collects overhauled KFAs and HXAs after wheelset changes
GLV 68505 is on Test with 73212
4th November 2011 - Swanage Railway
Thanks to James and the guys at 71A locos for the invite for Bruce Knights and myself to drive D6515 (33012) on the Swanage Railway - Awesome!
2nd November 2011 - Eastleigh Works
508212 arrives top n tailed by 66717 and 73212
57301 shunts 57303 and 57306 out of the Paintshop, giving a 'before, during and after' view of the 57s being repainted!
2nd November 2011 - Eastleigh
508212 is collected from the yard by 73212 and 66717
70001 and 70007 pass on intermodals
1st November 2011 - Eastleigh Works
73212 is testing GLV 68505
73213 arrives to take GLVs 68501 and 68504 to Tonbridge
444024 is receiving replacement hydrostatic bushes
Seven HXA coal hoppers have arrived for replacement wheelsets
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