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30th March 2012 - Eastleigh Works

47853 and BFK 17159 are posed for photos for Rail Express Magazine - see the cover of Rail Express 192 May 2012
Thanks to Andy and Nigel for the shunting
57310, 57303 and GLV 68504 arrive from Tonbridge
50026 is outside ready for starting up at the weekend
444039 is on the jacks

27th March 2012 - Eastleigh Works

66744 is being prepared for repainting

26th March 2012 - Eastleigh Works

47853 is towed outside, started up and posed for photos
66744 has arrived for repainting
The final sections of the old Kings Cross footbridge, dubbed the 'Harry Potter Bridge' as it appeared in the films, are nearing completion by Arlington/PSP who've shotblasted and painted 16 articulated lorries worth of cast iron parts which are now being installed at Ropley on the Mid Hants Railway

23rd March 2012 - Eastleigh Works

The 'RAIL EXPRESS' Nameplates are refitted to 47853
66848 is now on stands receiving repairs
BFK 17159 is shunted into Bay 1 South by 08933, the first rail vehicles in here since the traversers were ripped out in 2006
444011 is up on the jacks

21st March 2012 - Eastleigh Works

Arlington's new track is now connected to Bay 1
66848 is inside for lifting off its bogies

20th March 2012 - Eastleigh Works

66848 has arrived for sludge tank floor renewal, Warranty fuel tank fitting, 6 new wheelsets and overhauled traction motors
The 'RAIL EXPRESS' Nameplates are ready to go back on 47853
444032 is on the jacks
KTA 97746 nears the end of its Overhaul

16th March 2012 - Eastleigh Works

47853 now has decals and is on the Load Bank
Overhauled bogies for 47813 are nearing completion
444034 is on the jacks
BFK 17159 now has decals

13th March 2012 - Eastleigh Works

Decals are on 47813 and 47853 is next
444001 is on the jacks

9th March 2012 - Eastleigh Works

73207 is on standby with a GLV
444002 is on jacks and 444005 is ready to depart

7th March 2012 - Eastleigh Works

66743 is completed and poses for photos before being refuelled

7th March 2012 - Eastleigh

60039 and 08495 shunt the Virtual Quarry

2nd March 2012 - Eastleigh Works

Work continues on 47813 and 47853
Inspection Saloon DM 45029 is progressing well
444041 is on the jacks with 444033 ready to depart

1st March 2012 - Eastleigh Works

57310 poses in the sunshine
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