Carl's Railway Photos

27th April 2012 - Eastleigh Works

47813 is lifted on to overhauled bogies
57009 is in the Paintshop being prepared for re-painting
444008 has arrived
The first overhauled KTA 97759 is complete and ready to leave

26th April 2012 - Eastleigh Works

97301 arrives on a Test Train
57309 is now blue and is shunted out of the Paintshop

25th April 2012 - Eastleigh Works

66416 arrives on the Freightliner trip
57309 is masked out ready for painting blue

24th April 2012 - Eastleigh Works

The Speno Rail Grinder is undergoing maintenance in Bay 2 (South)
Repairs to 57009 are underway
444035 is on the jacks in the morning and 444045 in the afternoon
'Cheltenham's cab roof is lifted into place

21st April 2012 - Derby Roundhouse

Once part of Derby Locomotive Works, closed in the early 1990s, the Roundhouse is now part of Derby College Campus
It has been beautifully restored and is now used for college activities and hired out for private functions - more details can be found here

21st April 2012 - Derby

Two pairs of 20s top 'n' tailing a brand new 'S' Stock Underground Train from Litchurch Lane to Old Dalby for testing

20th April 2012 - Eastleigh Works

'Cheltenham' is coming along nicely

19th April 2012 - Eastleigh Works

57309 is in primer in the Arlington Paintshop
57304 is being prepared for repainting
47813 is on stands waiting for its overhauled bogies
317708 has arrived from Ilford
The LWRT wagons are ready to leave
'Cheltenham' is progressing well with the cab roof almost ready for refitting

18th April 2012 - Eastleigh Works

The Mayor, Councillor Wayne Irish, visits the Works to collect a cheque for £2000 from the proceeds of the public visits in 2011/12

17th April 2012 - Eastleigh Works

57009 has arrived for bodywork repairs
444044 is on the jacks

16th April 2012 - Eastleigh Works

66556 arrives with KFAs for overhaul
47853 shunts the KFAs into the workshop
Four 73s arrive for refueling
444042 is on the jacks

13th April 2012 - Eastleigh Works

31106 arrives to collect 31465 and its Test Train

12th April 2012 - Eastleigh Works

66724 is back again, having brought in 317732 the previous evening

11th April 2012 - Eastleigh Works

31465 is stabled on a Test Train

10th April 2012 - Eastleigh Works

57309 is being prepared for repainting
73138 and 73201 are stabled on a Test Train
66724 prepares to leave, having brought in 317729 the previous evening
444037 is on the jacks

5th April 2012 - London

A ride on the Docklands Light Railway and a glimpse of a Class 465 crossing the Thames at Cannon Street

5th April 2012 - Havant

A family day trip to London by train from Havant

4th April 2012 - Eastleigh Works

DRS 57304, 57302 and 57309 arrive for repainting
66744 is fresh out of the Paintshop and shunts 57309 straight in
Network Rail Class 57s and GLVs are now parked up in Bay 1
317710 has arrived from Ilford for Storage
BFK 17159 has been moved across Bay 1 with the Carriage Traverser
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