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31st May 2012 - Venice Santa Lucia

On Holiday for a few days, couldn't resist a look!
I didn't expect such a busy railway station in Venice
A huge variety of stock including diesel and electric locos and double decked units

25th May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

Two of the 4-TC vehicles are lifted, the unit almost ready to depart
'CHELTENHAM' is loaded and departs by road for Railfest at the National Railway Museum - Well Done to Chris Smith and his team, she looked fantastic!


24th May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

'CHELTENHAM' is shunted ready for departure the next day

23rd May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

'CHELTENHAM' nears completion

22nd May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

50026 is fuelled ready for its visit to the Worth Valley Diesel Gala
450031 replaces 450030 on the jacks
Sign-Writing continues on 'CHELTENHAM'

21st May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

Speno Rail Grinder is prepared for departure
The Sign-Writer has started on detailing 'CHELTENHAM'

19th May 2012 - Havant

Usual mix of Southern and SouthWest Trains units

Bill Jenkins 1944-2012 Rest in Peace

Bill passed away peacefully on Friday 18th May 2012 at Countess Mountbatten House in West End, Southampton after a short illness

Bill was a contributor to The Railway Magazine and a regular visitor to Eastleigh Works. He would report back all the goings on to the magazine. I was fortunate to know him through his visits but only for the last couple of years. He was a friendly and enthusiastic man and a true Gentleman. A kinder man you couldn't wish to meet. In just a short time he became a true friend. Right up to the last, he was positive and upbeat, even talking about going home when I visited him in hospital.

Bill's funeral will be held at Portchester Crematorium at 10:30 on Wednesday 30th May 2012

18th May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

Speno Rail Grinder is nearing completion of its maintenance
450030 is on the jacks

17th May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

Speno Rail Grinder loco emerges from the Paintshop
The third 4-TC vehicle is now on overhauled bogies

16th May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

57009 departs following repairs
66592 arrives with wagons for repair

15th May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

57304 emerges from the Paintshop in DRS blue
Speno Rail Grinder loco goes into the Paintshop
450026 is on the jacks

14th May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

57312 and 50026 arrive back from Swanage
The painters are busy on 'CHELTENHAM'
450017 is on the jacks

13th May 2012 - Swanage Railway Diesel Gala

Having enjoyed the Saturday so much I returned for more on the Sunday!

All in all, the team at Swanage pulled off an excellent Gala, despite the setbacks, and it’s credit to them that they produced such a wonderful event

My thanks to George, Tim and Mike for the welcome received in the signal boxes and to Steve Barker for arranging it


12th May 2012 - Swanage Railway Diesel Gala

Despite the setback of non-arrival of visiting locos there was still a healthy line-up of locos with 50026 making its first ever runs in preservation, 57312 making its first passenger runs in Network Rail livery and D5401 visiting from the Great Central Railway. Transmart Trains 73136 was a late and much welcome addition to the gala. Add these four to the line’s own two class 08s (D3591 and 08436) and 33111 and that’s a line-up many railways would be proud of. A nice touch was the use of BR Standard 80104 so that the planned three train timetable could be maintained with the reduced number of locos. This had been suitably ‘renumbered’ as D80104 specially for the occasion!

11th May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

Speno Rail Grinder loco is prepared for repainting
'CHELTENHAM' has its nameplates refitted and the press come for a look
57304 is now in blue in the Paintshop
The LU 4-TC set is nearing completion with two vehicles now back on overhauled bogies

9th May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

'CHELTENHAM' moves under its own steam for the first time in many years

8th May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

'CHELTENHAM' is in steam in the yard
57304 is in the Paintshop having yellow ends applied
450006 is on the jacks

5th May 2012 - Southampton Airport

1Z62 Hampshire Hotchpotch Railtour heads for
Southampton Docks behind 37409

5th May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

Pathfinder's 1Z61/1Z62 Hampshire Hotchpotch Railtour arrives behind 37409 and departs behind 20312 and 20308

4th May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

'Cheltenham' breaks cover for the first time in almost two years as the final preparations for steaming are made
66744 has arrived for repairs

3rd May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

66723 arrived the previous evening with 317709 from Ilford
DBS red 66101 arrives with wagons for overhaul

2nd May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

37087 arrives with 47501 and 47839
37423 arrives back with its Test Train
57009 is completed and moved out of the Paintshop
50026 is spruced up ready for its appearance at the
Swanage Diesel Gala
66571 departs with overhauled wagons, including the first
KTA pocket wagon
317723 has arrived from Ilford

1st May 2012 - Eastleigh Works

31106 and 37423 are stabled on Test Trains
444020 is the last 444 of the current program
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