Carl's Railway Photos

24th December 2012 - Eastleigh Works

57307 has left the Paintshop in plain DRS blue
Three Mendip Rail Class 59s have arrived for maintenance over Christmas
The Arlington liveried Translators are back for maintenance

21st December 2012 - Eastleigh Works

Four DRS Class 20s arrive for Storage and are driven straight through the workshop and into Bay 1 from the rear tracks
The Speno Rail Grinder has arrived for maintenance and is taken through and into Bay 2

18th December 2012 - Eastleigh Works

Stoneblower DR80215 has arrived for repainting and work is already underway stripping off the old decals
66534 is on the Freightliner trip

17th December 2012 - Eastleigh Works

Mk2 overhauls for DRS are well underway
31106 is back with its Test Train
57307 is being prepared for repainting
450001 is on the jacks in the Siemens area
Conversion of the extra cars for the Tube Lines AIT is progressing well

11th December 2012 - Eastleigh Works

455809 is the latest unit in for repaint and interior refresh
450550 has arrived for attention by Siemens
31106 is stabled on a Test Train
Translators 6376 and 6377 have arrived for overhaul

10th December 2012 - Eastleigh

TORNADO heads to the depot on ECS from a tour to Winchester

10th December 2012 - Eastleigh Works

66724 departs with SARAH SIDDONS
66954 is on the Freightliner Trip
455813 is on Test in the Works Yard
MK2 Overhauls have started

8th December 2012 - Eastleigh Works

SARAH SIDDONS is put back inside after testing in the Works Yard
57307 is already being prepared for repainting
450106 is on the jacks
455813 is nearing completion

6th December 2012 - Eastleigh Works

57307 arrives for repainting towing 57002 for power unit repairs

5th December 2012 - Eastleigh Works

57010 and 57303 are on Test in the Works Yard
450562 is on the jacks
A CP1800 Power Unit has arrived for Storage

4th December 2012 - Eastleigh Works

Repairs are well underway on VSOE BSO 9502
450115 is on the jacks
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