Carl's Railway Photos

28th March 2013 - Eastleigh Works

20305 arrives for storage with 47790 for repairs
20303 is complete with decals
Repairs to 47828 are complete, just the number to add
455831 is nearing completion

27th March 2013 - Eastleigh Works

73119 and 73207 prepare to depart with 66739 for its naming
'Bluebell Railway' the next day
73141 and 73205 arrive with two GLVs for servicing


26th March 2013 - Eastleigh Works

66739 emerges from the Painshop
20303 is now in DRS blue

25th March 2013 - Eastleigh Works

20303 is masked up ready for painting blue in the Paintshop
Repairs to 47828 are nearing completion
66739 is completed but kept in the Paintshop with
nameplates covered up
66416 is on the trip from Maritime
Two 508 vehicles are being prepared for use at a
training centre in Merseyside

22nd March 2013 - Eastleigh Works

57306 and 57310 are on SITT duty
31465 is stabled with a Test Train
73141 and 73212 arrive with a GLV for servicing

21st March 2013 - Eastleigh Works

33207 collects the three DBSOs going to RVEL at Derby
20303 has yellow ends in the Paintshop
64692 (508201) is in the scrap line

20th March 2013 - Eastleigh Works

47805 departs with the first two completed DRS Mk2s
73201 and 73107 are stabled with a Test Train
Three DBSOs are prepared for departure to Derby

19th March 2013 - Eastleigh Works

The DRS class 20s in store are being prepared for departure
20303 is in the Paintshop
66739 is nearing completion, including repainting of the cab interior

19th March 2013 - Eastleigh

47805 and 47828 top 'n' tail FO 3267 'BELVOIR' from the depot to the Works

16th March 2013 - Clapham Junction

Finally, the sun comes out...just as it's time to go home!

16th March 2013 - Stratford

Still dodging showers but getting less frequent...
Engineering work meant very few 90s on Norwich services but still plenty of variety of units and a couple of Freightliners
Fenchurch Street was closed so c2c 357s were passing through to and from Liverpool Street

16th March 2013 - Gospel Oak

Dodging the showers!
Six out of the eight 172s on the services to Barking plus a very regular service of 378s

16th March 2013 - Willesden

Three 86s on Willesden depot but not a great place to take photos so moved on quickly...

16th March 2013 - Kensington Olympia

A wet start to the day but plenty of units about and a DRS 66 on a Freightliner

14th March 2013 - Eastleigh Works

Inter City Railway Society is celebrating its 40th Anniversary
this year and 07007 models a celebratory headboard
specially for the occasion
455831 has arrived and 455832 prepares for departure

13th March 2013 - Eastleigh Works

The Paintshop is shuffled, with 08650 completed and moved outside
and 66739 moved in for painting to begin
20303 is also being prepared for repainting
73109 arrives with the GLVs from Tonbridge


12th March 2013 - Eastleigh Works

31190 arrives with wagons for repair

11th March 2013 - Eastleigh Works

Component recovery has started on 47839
66594 is on the trip from Maritime
455832 is almost completed

7th March 2013 - Eastleigh Works

66739 arrives for repainting and goes straight into the Paintshop
DBS red 66118 is on the trip from East Yard

5th March 2013 - Eastleigh

60071 shunting the Virtual Quarry

5th March 2013 - Eastleigh Works

08650 nears completion in the Paintshop
50026 makes a rare appearance outside
73204 departs for Southampton Docks

1st March 2013 - Eastleigh Works

31465 and DBSO 9703 are stabled with a Test Train
450091 arrives for Siemens
KTA 97774 is completed and awaits collection



March 2013