Carl's Railway Photos

30th April 2013 - Eastleigh Works

07007 is operational again following repairs
66080 arrives on the trip from East Yard with two sets of car carrier wagons and three vans for repairs

29th April 2013 - Eastleigh Works

Colas 56087 arrives for refuelling
Work begins on removing the old decals from 47841

27th April 2013 - Mid Hants Railway Diesel Gala

An excellent Gala and I'm glad it's back
08377 giving brake van rides at Alton
20087, 33109, 37901, D6836, D1501, 50027, D9009 and 66738
all featured on the trains along with DEMU 1125 and 4-VEP 3417
12049 and 45132 were static exhibits at Ropley

26th April 2013 - Eastleigh Works

57311 is in primer in the Paintshop
57002 is being prepared for repainting
Work has started on the Speno Rail Grinder
DRS Mk2 5810 is now in blue

24th April 2013 - Eastleigh Works

458025 arrives to test the Translators and the whole lot is shunted together ready for testing the following day
DRS 47841 arrives between 47813 and 47802
Class 508 64692 awaits scrapping

23rd April 2013 - Eastleigh Works

08650 shunts the Translators for testing on the 25th

19th April 2013 - Eastleigh Works

66743 has been in for fuel tank repairs and awaits departure
57305 and 57306 are on SITT duty
455833 has arrived
The Speno Rail Grinder has arrived for its annual maintenance

18th April 2013 - Eastleigh Works

455834 is on test in the yard

17th April 2013 - To The Docks....

The train arrives at the Docks and has to wait for a DBS train to clear the sidings before entering
66742 then detaches from the rear and collects a gypsum wagon before pushing the 508s down to the loading area where the lorries are waiting to take the two vehicles to a training facility in Merseyside

17th April 2013 - Eastleigh Works

The consist to take two class 508 vehicles to the Docks is assembled
455834 is nearing completion

16th April 2013 - Eastleigh Works

66742 arrives with 73141, 73206 and two sets of Translators ready for the class 508 move to the Docks the following day
73201 and 73107are stabled on one Test Train with 31233 on another

15th April 2013 - Eastleigh Works

66591 is on the Maritime trip
57002 is being prepared for repainting

13th April 2013 - Nene Valley Railway

The first ICRS 40th Anniversary event included a Members only guided tour of the sheds at Wansford and lunch on the recently returned to service Swedish railcar 1212 whilst doing a round trip of the line

11th April 2013 - Eastleigh Works

57311 arrives for repainting with 47832 for repairs
08650 has decals applied
31465 is repaired

9th April 2013 - Eastleigh Works

Repairs to 47790 are complete
31465 is inside for repairs

8th April 2013 - Eastleigh Works

66954 is on the Maritime trip
56303 arrives with three JRAs for repair

4th April 2013 - Eastleigh Works

The two 508 vehicles for the Merseyside Emergency Services
Training Centre at Seacombe are almost ready

3rd April 2013 - Eastleigh Works

455834 has arrived

2nd April 2013 - Eastleigh Works

A seven loco Convoy of DRS locos departs with 47828 hauling
37409, 37607, 20303, 20301, 20302 and 20304
31465 is stabled with a Test Train

1st April 2013 - Volks Electric Railway, Brighton

The World's oldest electric railway!
Well worth a visit

1st April 2013 - Brighton

A few minutes on the station before heading for the Seafront

1st April 2013 - Havant

Off to Brighton with the family



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