Carl's Railway Photos

31st May 2013 - Eastleigh Works

Siemens changeover with 450041 departing and 450099 arriving
47841 is now DRS blue in the Paintshop

30th May 2013 - Eastleigh Works

31105 is back with UTU2

29th May 2013 - Eastleigh Works

31190 arrives to take 50026 and 977905 to Dereham on the
Mid Norfolk Railway
Colas 47727 departs with repaired Translators for 458 testing
at Wimbledon

28th May 2013 - Eastleigh Works

Colas 66847 arrives for fuel tank repairs and replacement wheels
31105 is a rare visitor on a Test Train

23rd May 2013 - Shepherdswell

The East Kent Railway
A good variety of stock including several EMUs,
a Class 09 and an Army Ruston
The staff were very friendly and the tea was good!
Well worth a visit

16th May 2013 - Eastleigh Works

Another DRS loco convoy departs with 47813 hauling
57311, 20305 and 47501

15th May 2013 - Eastleigh Works

57311 is complete and waits outside with 20305 for collection
47501 and 47813 bring in two DRS Mk2s
Mk2 TSO 5908 is scrapped

14th May 2013 - Eastleigh Works

70017 on the Maritime trip
57311 has been named 'Thunderbird'
Mk2 TSO 6136 is scrapped

12th May 2013 - Swanage Railway Diesel Gala

The Stars of the Show for me were the two LU liveried 20s
All in all, a very well organised and run Gala
Well Done to everyone concerned

11th May 2013 - Swanage Railway Diesel Gala

A fantastic line-up of heritage traction!
08436, D3591 (08476), 20142, 20189, 20227, 31466,
33108, 33111, 37521, D9009 (55009) and 55019
plus 4-VEP 3417

10th May 2013 - Eastleigh Works

57311 nears completion

9th May 2013 - Eastleigh Works

Work on the Speno Rail Grinder is progressing well
57311 receives decals
47839 is now in the scrap line with the two Mk2 TSOs
GLVs 68501 and 68504 have been stood down

8th May 2013 - Eastleigh Works

One of the 317s won't talk to the Translators so the move is cancelled
455835 has arrived

7th May 2013 - Eastleigh Works

317708 and 317709 are prepared for departure
66746 brings in the Translators for the move
66540 is on the trip from Maritime
455833 is being tested prior to departure


3rd May 2013 - Severn Tunnel Junction

47245 on charter stock passing through

3rd May 2013 - Cardiff Canton

Two recently arrived 08s

3rd May 2013 - Eastleigh Works

08947 has arrived from the Isle of Grain
57311 gleams in the sunshine outside the Paintshop

2nd May 2013 - Eastleigh Works

08650 departs, back to the Isle of Grain
In the Paintshop, 57311 is now DRS blue

1st May 2013 - Eastleigh Works

Work on the Speno Rail Grinder is well underway
08650 is positioned for loading on a lorry the following day



May 2013