Carl's Railway Photos

31st August 2013 - Portsmouth Harbour

Late night trains at the Harbour

31st August 2013 - Ryde Esplanade

483008 and 483009 in service

30th August 2013 - Eastleigh Works

66716 is released from the Paintshop and departs behind 57305
MOD 428 is back in the Paintshop
66556 is repaired and ready to depart
57306 has a windscreen replaced
450029 is split for replacement of intermediate couplers

28th August 2013 - Eastleigh Works

70017 and two 66s are under repair for Freightliner
Driving cars from 508207 are up on stands with work started on conversion to Translators
The first vehicle of 508203 is in the scrap line

27th August 2013 - Eastleigh Works

The Overhaul of 'CANADIAN PACIFIC' has begun
66716 is masked up ready for painting
66587 is on the Maritime trip
VSOE BSO 9502 is repainted and awaits refitting of overhauled bogies

21st August 2013 - Eastleigh Works

Freshly repainted and named 73212 and 73213 arrive from St Leonards
508207, 508208 and 508211 are all now 2-cars
Siemens staff prepare their bay for the start of the Class 450 overhauls

21st August 2013 - Eastleigh

'OLIVER CROMWELL' passes the gate
.... and a Catalina Flying Boat passes overhead!

20th August 2013 - Eastleigh Works

MOD 428 is busy shunting
455839 has arrived

19th August 2013 - Eastleigh Works

66716 is in the Paintshop being prepared for painting
66517 brings in wagons and 66556 on the Maritime trip
455838 is ready to depart

17th August 2013 - DRS Open Day, Carlisle

37425 is named 'Concrete Bob/Sir Robert McAlpine'
Plenty of DRS traction on view

15th August 2013 - Eastleigh Works

MOD 428 is back in use while the Paintshop is busy with other work
455838 is reformed ready for testing
508202 is next in the scrap line

14th August 2013 - Eastleigh Works

Arlington have started laying track from the main Works yard to the new tracks out the back that they laid last year
Accommodation bogies arrive for the 450 overhaul program

13th August 2013 - Eastleigh Works

A look at the stored 317s
66571 departs

12th August 2013 - Eastleigh Works

66571 is in for repairs
57002 is on the load bank
MOD 428 is being prepared for repainting
71501 is next for cutting

8th August 2013 - Ryde Pier

Units 006 and 008 in service
You can still see the old Ryde Pier Tramway tracks down the middle of the pier

7th August 2013 - Ryde Pier Tramcar No.2

The last remaining tramcar from the Ryde Pier Tramway. The tramway itself can still be seen on the pier today, between the road and rail sides of the pier

7th August 2013 - Havenstreet

A look behind the scenes on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway at the work to restore and maintain the fleet of rolling stock, almost all of which has a connection with the island
A chance to see the work going on to build and connect a new storage and display shed
My thanks to Nick Felton and Bob Huxtable for guiding me round this fascinating place

7th August 2013 - Isle of Wight Steam Railway

A ride on this lovely line with its beautifully restored carriages
'FRESHWATER' and 'ROYAL ENGINEER' on service trains

6th August 2013 - Island Line

The electric railway on the Isle of Wight which employs ex-London Underground 1938 tube stock
Units 483006 and 483007 in use on service trains today

3rd August 2013 - Eastleigh

The Swedish Railvac is stabled with 31190

3rd August 2013 - Eastleigh Works

66564 has arrived for repairs
444008 is in for replacement bogies



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