Carl's Railway Photos

24th December 2013 - Eastleigh Works

Four 59s have arrived for repairs over the Christmas period and are driven round the back using the new loop line
66418 and 66846 are also present for repairs

24th December 2013 - Eastleigh Depot

Not much left of the 58s cut recently

19th December 2013 - Eastleigh Works

Repainted and named Kof 539-7 poses in the sunshine
Three class 50s have arrived recently
Work has started on another recent arrival, 47818

12th December 2013 - Eastleigh Works

Work is progressing on the two additional cars for LU's AIT
Kof 539-7 is having numbers and names applied

11th December 2013 - Eastleigh Works

Eastleigh depot's most recent shunter arrival is on the East Yard trip with one wagon to go out

6th December 2013 - Eastleigh Works

A start has been made on scrapping some of the coil carrier wagons stored onsite
Kof 539-7 is now in Arlington green
Winter's here! Three 57s, Two GLVs and two 73s depart for winter duties

3rd December 2013 - Eastleigh Works

07007 now has working marker and head lights at both ends
Kof 539-7 is in grey primer in the Paintshop
66562 has arrived for repairs
455844 is shunted into the shed and 455842 is still onsite awaiting departure



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