Carl's Railway Photos

31st August 2016 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47815 and 442420 47815 departs to Ely with 442420 for storage

29th August 2016 - 442 Railtour, The Return

442418 Returning to Eastleigh Works where the shoebeams will be removed, the ETS re-instated and the units prepared for storage at Ely

29th August 2016 - 442 Railtour

442418 and 73235 The 442s share shed space with 73s as they lay over at Bournemouth Depot after servicing before heading back to Poole and Bournemouth to collect passengers for the return to Waterloo

29th August 2016 - 442 Railtour, Waterloo

442415 442415 leads 442418 from Waterloo on the very first ROG Charter

26th August 2016 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

442418 and 442415 Two 442s are made ready for a railtour on 29th August
66727 arrives for a repaint but is put back into use as 66713 fails!
73136 and 73201 have arrived for attention and are already lifted onto stands

25th August 2016 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

442404 and 455726 The first 455 arrives for AC power conversion

21st August 2016 - Didcot Railway Centre

Didcot Railway Centre King Edward II and a visiting Barclay industrial tank on the service trains
GWR Steam Railmotor out the front
Wantage Tramway no.5 is now red

21st August 2016 - Didcot

DR98014 Electrification work ongoing in the station area

18th August 2016 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57304 57304 is part way through its overhaul
50026, 50021 and 47841 are dragged out in the sunshine to give access to Bay 5

17th August 2016 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47818 and 47812 Two 47s, each with a new lease of life;
47818 now owned by Arlington
47812 now owned by Rail Operations Group
08954 is repaired and out in the yard to be used for shunting

16th August 2016 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Erecting Shop The old Erecting Shop looking more like it used to with 3x 08, 2x 73, a 57 and a 47!
73201 has arrived for bogie overhaul and 73136 is here for replacement wheels
37254 visits with a Test Train

13th August 2016 - Rowlands Castle

450546 A small station with about one train an hour in each direction but plenty of through trains

12th August 2016 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37884 37884 arrives with 442403 from Stewarts Lane

10th August 2016 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47812 A very busy day for arrivals and departures;
47812 departs for Ely with 442407
66434 arrives for sound deadening to be fitted to the cab
66425 departs with BSO 9527
08954 arrives on a lorry from Polmadie for big end repairs

9th August 2016 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

07007 and 442418 442418 and 442415 enjoy a run to Basingstoke and back
47812 arrives to haul 442407 to Ely tomorrow

8th August 2016 - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66425 66425 completed
442407 is shunted inside to be prepared for its trip to Ely

5th August 2016 - Brighton

700109 and 377513 Return journey delayed by an hour due to full trains operating reduced service!
Plenty of new 387/1 and 387/2 units and a 700
442s still seeing plenty of use

5th August 2016 - Havant

450102 and 450112 This time the start point for a family trip to Brighton

3rd August 2016 - Docklands Light Railway

DLR A few shots while sightseeing in London

3rd August 2016 - Havant

444040 Family day out to London by train from Havant



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