Carl's Railway Photos

31st May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Wheel Shop Groundworks for the new Wheel Shop are well underway
The 121 now has its exhaust pipes attached

31st May - Eastleigh

BR 60103 'Flying Scotsman' passes through

30th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57308 57308 departs
Two more Mk1s arrived last night

24th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

DR97504 MMT4 is here for its monthly exam

23rd May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57308 57308 is complete and being tested

22nd May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08650 08650 is progressing well
The first red TC vehicle is almost complete
T7 has arrived back for an exam

19th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

68027 68027 has arrived to haul the Riviera Charter this coming weekend
66755 brought in three wagons for repairs

18th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

55028 55028 is out of the Paintshop
Two Test Trains on site
Nine FEA 'Slinger' wagons have arrived for storage

16th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

76297 The third 4-TC vehicle is almost ready for the prep bay
The Stoneblowers are temporarily outside to allow work on the new Wheelshop in Bay 5

16th May - Eastleigh

975025 'CAROLINE' is pushed past by 'Lord Hinton'

12th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

76324 4-TC 76324 is the second vehicle of the set to go into the prep bay, 71163 is now in one of the paint booths
Class 121 55028 is now lined green with yellow panels

11th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

56303 56303 arrives with five more JRAs for repairs
08790 is having a traction motor repaired

10th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66428 57002 hauled in 66428 for repainting, this is the final DRS Class 66 to be painted for them
37099 and 37254 are back with their Test Train
37254 required a visit to the shed for attention to an AWS fault

9th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57308 57308 has had new nameplates fitted, they're under wraps for now but it has acquired a temporary name 'BIG AL' THE SPOTTER!
Recently repainted and named 37254 is stabled with a Test Train
66752 has brought Translator Set T5 back
4-TC 71163 is the first of the set to go into the prep bay

7th May - Swanage Diesel Gala - Day 3

D5343 (26043) Final day with plenty of variety
A massive thank you to all those people who spent many hours creating a wonderful event that was so enjoyable

6th May - Swanage Diesel Gala - Day 2

45041 45041 looked fantastic as did the pair of green 20s

5th May - Swanage Diesel Gala - Day 1

1842 (47192) 1842 (47192) really looked the part, work worn and tired
56096 proved very popular
Even the local wildlife took an interest at Norden...
My personal favourite was D5343 (26043) having last travelled behind it in 1983 from Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh and back!

4th May - Swanage Diesel Gala - Preview Day

BR 80146 BR Standard 80104 running as classmate 80146
1842 (47192) and D6515 (33012) also hauling trains
50026 hauled the evening Dining Train in memory of Alan Stabler
Plenty of shunting around Swanage showing the delights to come

3rd May - Eastleigh

66741 Swanage Gala Convoy No.2;
66741 passes with a 47, two 20s and a 45

3rd May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73961 Swanage Gala Convoy No.1;
73119 and 73961 collect 50026

2nd May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57306 and 57303 57306 and 57303 depart with a mix of DRS and Northern Belle coaches
DRS 5919 now has a CET tank fitted
50026 is ready for its trip to Swanage, now sporting crests and blue nameplates



May 2017