Carl's Railway Photos

30th June - Eastleigh

37516 departs Eastleigh for Swanage with the 4-TC gleaming

30th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37516 arrives to collect the completed 4-TC which looks stunning!

29th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66775 is having its cabs repainted and is being prepared to be named
The 4-TC is all together and being tested while the finishing touches are made

27th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The decals are being applied to the 4-TC set
66775 has moved into the Paintshop

26th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66426 and 37059 arrive back with the Riviera charter stock
73107 is up on stands being prepared for fitting of new wheels

25th June - Isle of Wight Steam Railway

A visit to one of my favourite railways....the vintage carriages alone are worth the trip
Everything is really well done and in good order and the staff are all friendly and helpful
Lou has a ride on the footplate!
My sincere thanks to Bob, Nick and Dave plus the many staff who made the visit so enjoyable

23rd June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

SPML15 has arrived for repairs
RBR 1657 is in the Paintshop

20th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73119 and 73107 arrive with T5, the 73s are to have new wheels
Work is progressing on the supporting structures for the Wheelshop machinery

19th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66102 brings the Riviera Charter set back in

18th June - UK Rail Leasing, Leicester

A private visit to this interesting site filled with 37s, 47s and 56s plus a 58
56006 is receiving a set of batteries ahead of a planned visit to the East Lancs Railway
Thanks to the friendly and helpful guys at UKRL for the visit

17th June - Great Central Railway

A busy day at this great railway in lovely weather
A 9F with 'LEICESTER CITY' nameplates and a Class 37 with 'Cardiff Canton' plates along with plenty of 08s and other steam and diesel locos

17th June - Ruddington, Great Central (Nottingham)

Plenty to see here including several 08s, locos in BR blue and 46010 coming together nicely...can't wait to see her back up and running

16th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Raxstar's 08879 is returned to service

15th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37601 has arrived for repainting
66074 returns the Riviera charter stock
66598 is on the Maritime trip working
4-TC 76324 receives its yellow warning panel

14th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Work continues to prepare the bases for the wheel lathe and other associated equipment
70805 collects the Colas vans

11th June - West Somerset Railway Diesel Gala

An excellent gala with plenty of traction variety on this very picturesque line

9th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Orange and Pink MPVs Pink and orange MPVs together!
66771 is onsite for a replacement windscreen

8th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

07007 The first wagons are shunted into Raxstar's scrapyard
08650 is progressing well
The pink MPV has arrived

7th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66428 66428 is completed and departs back into traffic
Raxstar's 08879 is being prepared for use
73963 and 73965 are onsite with a Test Train
MMT4 arrives for its monthly maintenance

6th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

MTA 395291 66057 arrives from East Yard with another 14 wagons for Raxstar - as before, if you're interested in parts or whole wagons get in touch with them ASAP by clicking here

5th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

BCK 21272 Mk1 BCK 21272 is being returned to use for Riviera

5th June - Eastleigh

66729 A busy period with locos departing the Depot

1st June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66428 66428 is being rubbed down
66089 is on the East Yard trip with a bunch of STVAs
66772 collects T7
66707 is here for an exam



June 2017