Carl's Railway Photos

30th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

A second pair of RHTT wagons are in for wheel changes
The Speno Rail Grinder is ready to depart after its annual maintenance

30th November - Hilsea to Eastleigh

Dropped the car at the garage in Hilsea and caught the train to work

29th November - Eastleigh

One of the LU GP wagons departs

27th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37611 departs with ex-GLV Translators 68501 and 68504 for their first job in their new role
Riviera's latest repainted Mk1 FO is out of the Paintshop

22nd November - Eastleigh

GWR IET 800301 arrives at the Depot

19th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

1733 (47853) arrives with D1935 (47805) and seven Statesman coaches, all for repairs/maintenance

16th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47813 is up on stands
Another batch of MLAs have arrived

15th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Two Mk2 coaches are in the scrap line

13th November - Eastleigh

GWR IET 800319 departs the Depot

10th November - Portsmouth

As the light fades the Javelins arrive at Portsmouth Harbour for the second and final time today

10th November - Cosham

395018 leads the pair of Javelins towards Southampton

10th November - Farlington

Railway Triangle - 395017 'PASSCHENDAELE' and newly named 395018 'THE VICTORY', suitable adorned with poppies, head for Portsmouth Harbour with 'The Victory Javelin' railtour

9th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

07007 is busy shunting Desiro units

5th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

One half of T7 has had it's decals replaced
FO 3123 is now in Chocolate and Cream

5th November - Eastleigh

'Queen's Messenger' departs the Depot

2nd November - Crewe - 47815's Naming

The frame and curtains are setup and 47815 is duly named by Nick Edwards, founder of the 'Lost Boys', followed by an entertaining speech by Karl Watts, MD of ROG

2nd November - Crewe

47815 departs Crewe South Yard for the station ahead of it's naming ceremony

1st November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

4x47s! - 47815 departs with 47812 for Crewe, 47813 stays for an Exam and our own 47818 rests between duties



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