Carl's Railway Photos

29th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66415 66415 is the latest to arrive for repainting in G&W Freightliner livery
66119 and Royal 67005 arrive back with charter stock

27th April - Eastleigh

66104 No service trains today due to engineering work, with 66104 on one of the engineering trains

26th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

60021 Work has started on 60021
The final Underground car has arrived

25th April - Eastleigh

08460 08460 departs the Arriva Depot for East Yard

25th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Cabs Both cabs of DR98305 and DR98306 have been saved
314204 has gone straight inside the workshop, alongside 313121
The third Underground car arrives

24th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

LU 3007 The second Underground car arrives

24th April - Eastleigh

802s Having waited 10 minutes and assuming I'd missed them I was walking away from the gate when 802230 and 802204 were towed into the Arriva Depot next door!

23rd April - Eastleigh

08460 08460 is shunting the Virtual Quarry

23rd April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

314204 A busy day as 66755 brings in 314204 from East Yard where it had arrived from Scotland by road
37059 arrives with three Mk2s from Norwich for exams
The first of four ex-Victoria Line Underground cars arrive for storage
60021 has arrived for repainting into GBRf livery
68033 has returned with the charter stock and awaits departure
66419 is unveiled in its new G&W Freightliner livery

22nd April - Eastleigh

66849 & 66850 Not 100 yards away, while 66847 is being named, the other two named Colas 66s rest in the Virtual Quarry

22nd April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66847 Terry Baker 66847 is named 'Terry Baker' after a Colas driver who sadly passed away last year
The unveiling was carried out in a private ceremony with his widow Jacky doing the honours in front of family and friends

18th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

68033 68033 has arrived to collect charter stock for the weekend
66419 nears completion in the Paintshop
66847 has arrived for cleaning and nameplate fitting
442404 arrives with 442423 and departs back to Bournemouth
The cab is saved as DR98306 is scrapped

16th April - Southampton Central

GWR Turbostars 165/166 Turbostar combination on a GWR service
66102 through on an intermodal

16th April - Salisbury

59201 59201 passes through with aggregate empties
Plenty of 158/159 units

11th April - Eastleigh

08511 RSS 08511 departs the depot for East Yard

11th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Stoneblower Repainting of Stoneblower DR80301 is well underway
73107 collects 50049 and 50007 for the Long Rock Open Day
66419 is now in primer

10th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

BFK 17056 Mk2 BFK 17056 has arrived for repairs
66419 is in the Paintshop, almost ready for primer

10th April - Eastleigh

57316 57316 and 57314 bring a charter into Arriva Eastleigh Depot via the back entrance

8th April - Peak Forest

56s @ Peak Forest A visit to see the 56s shunting
56098 busy and 56081 stabled
60010 and 60017 also present, along with DB, Freightliner and GBRf 66s

7th April - Battlefield Line

GWR 5542 GWR 5542 on the service train
Plenty of diesel locos under restoration or parked up
A closer look at the rusting remains of 45015 from the overbridge

5th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Southern Feel 07007, 73133 and 73213 give a nice Southern feel to the place!

4th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

313121 313121 is inside for an exam
Translators 6378 and 6379 have arrived

2nd April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66419 66419 has arrived for G&W treatment
73213 has arrived for overhauled bogies
BFK 17159 has had a coat of carmine and cream
Stoneblower DR80301 has arrived for repainting



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