Carl's Railway Photos

31st May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Mk1 FO 3147 Work is progressing on Riviera's Mk1 FO 3147

30th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

ex-GLV Translators 47815 collects the ex-GLV Translators
66587 now has light grey stripes

30th May - Eastleigh

TPE 802s 66732 arrives with 802206 and 802205 destined for TPE
It takes them into the Arriva depot via the back door

29th May - Eastleigh

180101 180101 leaves the Arriva depot

28th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

70816 70816 is the first of Colas' 70s to visit for a C Exam

24th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66587 66587 is now pink, sorry, dark magenta
73213 has been lifted off its bogies
37254 is stabled with a Test Train

22nd May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08460 60021 is taken away to East Yard by 08460

21st May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

60021 60021 is revealed in its new colours and with its new 'PENYGHENT' nameplates in the style of the original Class 44 'Peak' locos

18th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Canadian Pacific A rare view of Canadian Pacific without a Desiro alongside

17th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66415 66415 is completed and ready to depart
01508 is on test after repairs
37402 collects the Mk2s for Norwich

16th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Sarah and Florence 73119 and 73128 depart with Florence and Sarah, for West Ruislip
66415 nears completion
60021 is now orange

15th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

67002 & 66002 67002 and 66002 arrive to collect charter stock and depart top 'n' tailed
70811 has arrived for a windscreen replacement
37254 is stabled on a Test Train
37602 is now lifted off its bogies

14th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Sarah Sarah is on test in the yard and I'm fortunate to have a go!
60021 ends the day with a blue roof
The Saloon receives the finishing touches, inside and out

13th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66587 Freightliner's 66587 is the latest to arrive for repainting
Despite the rumours, 66783 didn't stay for repainting
50026 arrived back home from Swanage with 73119
66415 is now orange

12th May - Swanage Diesel Gala - Day Three

50007 The final day of another excellent gala
The weather also turned up with (mostly) sunshine every day
Thank you and Well Done to everyone involved for yet another excellent event

11th May - Swanage Diesel Gala - Day Two

31163 The 25, 26 and 31 all looked superb in their completely different liveries

10th May - Swanage Diesel Gala - Day One

26007 Plenty of action with the 25, 26, 31, 33s, 50, and 59+73 all playing their part
Some shots from the castle as we were up there having a look anyway!

9th May - Swanage Diesel Gala - Preview Day

Busy Swanage 'Type Two Thursday' was the theme with 25 and 26 working alongside a Battle of Britain
73119 arrives with 59003 and D6515 arrives back home
The completed 4-TC vehicle is on display at Corfe Castle alongside the Hibberd
50026 was on display at Swanage

8th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

DMUs Arrive 47813 and 57303 arrive in the pouring rain from Long Marston with DMUs belonging to the North Somerset Railway for overhaul
66415 is now in primer

8th May - Eastleigh

Swanage Convoy The Swanage Diesel Gala Convoy passes

6th May - Mid Hants Railway

BR Standard 76017 BR Standard 76017 and Ivatt 41312 on the service trains
Only running between Alresford and Medstead due to the bridge rebuilding at Alton

4th May - Didcot Railway Centre

Pair of Teddys A pair of Teddybears and GWR Railcar No.22 on the demonstration lines
Visiting D9551 looked great in its golden ochre livery

4th May - Didcot

43172 Plan B - Didcot to see any remaining HSTs plus the new IETs
One of the recently painted DB Maritime 66s stabled

4th May - Havant

66165 Plan A - train to Brighton but no trains at Havant, except 66165 on an engineering train helping to renew the track through the station

2nd May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66779 and 73002 66779 arrives with 73002, on the final leg of its journey from the Dean Forest Railway
Sarah Siddons is back on her bogies

1st May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

442424 The two stored 442s arrive

1st May - Eastleigh

442s Two stored 442s make the short trip from the Arriva depot to the Works



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