Carl's Railway Photos

28th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

313206 is next for the chop
Preserved 313201 sits in the yard awaiting a formal announcement on its future

27th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

62600 of 313208 is about to be cut as preserved 313201 looks on from a distance
Tim continues his excellent work recovering number panels etc for Arlington to sell on eBay - thanks Tim

26th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66850 is on stands receiving new wheels
313208 is being processed in the scrapyard

20th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66796 is ready to haul 66306 (with plates covered) to Willesden Euro Terminal for its naming ceremony

19th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66306 has new decals and nameplates added
66796 is having a spruce up to go with 66306
43049 is now in primer

17th September - Avon Valley Railway

A 1940s gala sadly affected by the stormy weather and the failure of visiting Barclay 357 'OVERLORD' the previous day
08202 stood in for the failed Barclay and a good time was had despite the issues
Hunslet 3839 and the lovely Fry's Sentinel also in use

16th September - Minehead, West Somerset Railway

Arrived just in time to see a West Coast charter set arrive behind 9351 and 7828
Plenty of other locos, including their other Manor 7812, and rolling stock around the station
A stored GWR Castle set at the end of the platform, finally I've seen 2 different ones!

16th September - Lynton & Barnstaple Railway

'Lyn' on the service train
Only 1/2 mile in each direction but a nice ride even in the drizzle
It'll be even better once they've managed to extend further along the trackbed

13th September - Bodmin & Wenford Railway

An immaculate Prairie Tank 5552 on the service train, first from Bodmin General to Bodmin Parkway, back to Bodmin General and then to Boscarne Junction and back to Bodmin General
My second Castle set passes through Bodmin Parkway....except it's the same set I saw at Liskeard!

12th September - Long Rock, Penzance

St Piran between duties

11th September - Liskeard to Looe

150238 on the branch to Looe
My first Castle set passes through on the mainline

10th September - South Devon Railway

D2246 and D3721 sharing shunting duties at Buckfastleigh
Pannier Tanks 6412 and 1369 on service trains along with Class 122 55000

9th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The Arlington shunters take up position for their duties at the annual ICRS private event this afternoon, along with 50021 which was also giving cab rides

8th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73964 is ready to go with its new wheels

7th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66306 has arrived back for some tweaks and additional decals plus a set of nameplates for its naming later this month
142007 is outside ready for display at the ICRS event on Saturday

6th September - Arlington Eastleigh Works

43049 is now in the Paintshop
57311 makes its first appearance outside
313213 is currently being scrapped

31st August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

59205 looking great in its new colours
313211 is being scrapped

30th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

59003 is being prepared for return to traffic
59205 is just about finished in the Paintshop

27th August - Tonbridge

Plenty of colour in Tonbridge West Yard with a 57, loads of 73s, 66s in all corners of the yard and 69008

26th August - Spa Valley Railway

Caledonian Railway 828 looking magnificent and D7535 (25185) looking equally splendid sharing duties to and from Eridge

26th August - Isfield, Lavendar Line

On the way to the Spa Valley Railway, hadn't expected it to be closed on a saturday in August! Should have checked their website first
There's always some stock visible from the fence

23rd August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

43049 is being prepped for repainting

22nd August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Scrapping has resumed and 313203 is next

17th August - Havant to Littlehampton

A day trip to Littlehampton, 3-car 377/3s appear to have taken over the Coastway services from the 313s, 377313 into Littlehampton and 377328 back out

16th August - Hotham Park, Bognor Regis

A lovely park with a nice cafe and home to the Hotham Park Miniature Railway where 'BORIS' is doing the honours today

10th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

43047 is receiving some attention
59205 is now orange

9th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47828 and 47805 are stabled with a Saphos Trains charter
Two MPVs are in the Test Sheds for modification work

8th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

43049 is now having Headlight install/conversion work as part of the transformation to Midland Pullman spec
47771 has had more repairs
59205 is ready for painting
73107 and 73141 have arrived
Work has already started on the two TFs that arrived last week

3rd August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

'CANADIAN PACIFIC' is now outside awaiting a tow on the first leg of its return to Ropley for completion
71222 of 313210 is next for scrapping but only after Raxstar take a week off

2nd August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

43047 arrives with 43049 and two Mk3 TFs
59205 is now in the Paintshop

1st August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

43423 and 43467 are parked up in the Van Shop awaiting a restart of their repainting

27th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

62544 of 313216 is next for scrapping

26th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

62537 of 313209 is next for the chop, with two cars of 313216 right behind

25th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

A busy scene with 67006 collecting Pullman Car 'IBIS' and 66309 outside
The LU 4-TC set is back from the Mid Hants Gala
71221 of 313209 is next in line for scrapping

20th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

62608 of 313216 has been set aside for possible cab removal
73139 has been shunted out of the storage bay

19th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08567 wearing its recently applied nameplates

18th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

62596 of 313204 is next in line for the chop

14th July - Mid Hants Railway

Day 1 of the Diesel Gala - An atrocious day, weather wise, but very enjoyable with the excellent line-up
It's always good to see the shunters in use as they're often parked up during galas

13th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

59205 is having bodywork repairs ahead of a repaint
66309 is complete, awaiting a move outside
313205 and 313211 are the final pair to arrive for scrapping

8th July - Barrow Hill

Always interesting to visit as there's so much variety from Preserved stock to operational Shunters and mainline Deltics, plus some stored 170s
If anyone can provide any info on the coach body that looks to be fibreglass or some plastic and doesn't appear to have been finished, please get in touch

4th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The Midland Pullman is stabled for operating some tours from this area over the coming days
313203 and 313210 have arrived for disposal

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