Carl's Railway Photos

9th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37558 (37424) and 66304 have arrived with PFAs for overhaul
59003 is now off its bogies having new wheels fitted
73962 is also off its bogies for new wheels

2nd August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

360118 is now repainted EMR purple

1st August - Mid Hants Railway

D8188 and BR 30925 on the service trains
D3462 (08377) shunting at Ropley
BR 34007 being stripped for overhaul
Peckett 1788 having its chimney removed

26th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Mk2 FO 3325 is complete and awaits decals
73141 is awaiting departure with new wheels
Mk1 FO 3091 has arrived for overhaul with two Mk3 TRBFs

19th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57311 has now lost its 'Thunderbird' nameplates

18th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

43059 is now in a version of the Midland Pullman colours but with just 'PULLMAN' on the side
360117 is repainted in EMR purple
Mk2 FO 3325 nears completion in the Paintshop

17th July - Didcot Railway Centre

D9516 and GWR 1340 on the demonstration lines
Recently overhauled 'PENDENNIS CASTLE' on display in the shed

17th July - Didcot

The usual fare as we pass through to the GWS depot

14th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Balfour Beatty's Drain Train arrives for maintenance
73962 has arrived for new wheels
Mk1 RBR W1671 now has decals fitted

12th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

A quiet day....the only notable thing being the departure of the cab of 55706 to its new home at The Cab Yard

30th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

47771 has been moved back inside undercover and over a pit where the owning group can continue to work on it

29th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Pullman Car 'IBIS' has arrived for overhaul
68016 brought in 37069 and PFA 92798 and is ready to depart with two overhauled PFAs, 92724 and 92740

28th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The first Hitachi unit for repair has arrived, GWR's 802003
Bay 2 is being prepared for these units with jacks being installed
66720 is released in it's Wascosa livery...similar to GBRf livery but different shades of both the blue and heads off to Victoria to be named with six Wascosa wagons and 66729 on the rear
43047 is back outside on test
360115 is nearly completed
Mk1 RBR 1671 is completed and now awaits decals

27th June - Portsmouth Harbour

Another visit to the harbour and another Turbostar

15th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

36108 is nearing completion and 360115 is just being started
Translator equipment is being fitted to two VGA vans

14th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Both of 142056's cabs have been removed for potential sale
43047 is off its bogies
59205 is being tested after repairs
Mk1 RBR 1671 is almost completed in BR Blue/Grey

11th June - Portsmouth

Cosham to Portsmouth

8th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

142056 is in the scrap line...the final 142 to be scrapped

7th June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

D6817 (37521) has arrived with TF 41059 for CET fitment

1st June - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The 'new' 66734 is revealed in all its glory!
43059 is being prepped for a repaint
43047 is back inside for some fitter attention

31st May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

43047 prepares to depart with Mk1 FO 3107 (a strange sight indeed) but alas a power problem with the loco means the move is cancelled
A very tired looking 66720 has arrived for a much needed repaint
66734 has the base colours of its Platinum Jubilee livery and is shunted around for final finishing
73201 has arrived for new wheels

26th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66734 with the first part of its new livery, the purple roof

25th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

360120 has been repainted
66734 is progressing
142089 has been reduced to two underframes ready for final component recovery
Mk1 RBR 1671 is ready for repainting

24th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

55739 awaits its turn in the scrap line
360108 is being prepped for repainting

21st May - Swanage Railway

Celebrating our Wedding Anniversary with a ride behind 34072 during the day and on the dining train behind 50026 in the evening

18th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

142003 is receiving an exam prior to release
142056 and 142089 are inside for component recovery

17th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

43047 is repainted and having its headlight conversion
43059 is inside receiving attention
43083 is up on stands donating parts to the other two
Mk1 FO 3107 is being prepped for repainting
77028 of 317729 is the last 317 vehicle for scrap for the time being

13th May - Criccieth

Sat in a cafe having a nice quiet coffee when a pair of yellow 37s pass by in the distance on a charter train returning from Pwllheli

11th May - Barmouth Bridge

Couldn't pass by this way without stopping and having a look at this amazing piece of railway architecture

11th May - Talyllyn Railway

'DOUGLAS' in its striking blue RAF livery and 'TOM ROLT' on the service trains and plenty of diesels scattered about
The other three steam engines were visible inside the sheds at Pendre

10th May - Betws-y-Coed

150245 on the Blaenau Ffestiniog branch plus the interesting Conwy Valley Railway Museum with miniature train rides and several preserved vehicles, the Mk1 coach being used as a cafe
The outstanding 15" Gauge model of 'BRITANNIA' is the highlight of the museum

7th May - Swanage Diesel Gala - Day 2

A quick round trip into Swanage from Norden before heading off home at lunchtime
Another thoroughly enjoyable gala with plenty of variety and no serious issues...well done to everyone involved...can't wait for next year!

6th May - Swanage Diesel Gala - Day 1

Great weather with mostly sun and plenty of variety to enjoy;

08436 shunting at Swanage
D7612 (25262), 31128 'CHARYBDIS', D6515 (33012) 'Lt Jenny Lewis RN', 33111, 37703, D4 (44004) 'GREAT GABLE', D182 (46045), 50026 'Indomitable', 73136 'Mhairi' all taking turns hauling trains
69004 on static display at Swanage, with cab visits and engine starts helping to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK

5th May - Swanage Diesel Gala - Preview Day

'Class 37 Thursday', this year's Preview Day with 37703 and West Country 34028 'EDDYSTONE' on the service trains
An issue with 37703 in the afternoon meant 33111 took one round trip while the 37 was repaired
Other visiting locos stabled awaiting their turn tomorrow
69004 arrived in the evening as a static exhibit

4th May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66708 arrives for fitting of 'Ukrainian Railways' logos
43047 is now Nanking Blue
The first 5-car 701 arrives

3rd May - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37688 arrives with the next Mk3 TF for CET fitting and 43059

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