Carl's Railway Photos

26th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66798 has arrived for repainting
317659 and 317671 have arrived for disposal

25th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Work on 43480 is well underway
69002 is also progressing

23rd March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Mk1 RU 1987 is now in Pullman Umber and Cream

22nd March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66793 is released, resplendent in BR Trainload Construction livery, with a few GB Railfreight embelishments as you'd expect
317346 is now in the scrap line

18th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66793 is moved out the Paintshop for final finishing
Work has started prepping 43480

16th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

69002 has arrived for repainting
Two Test Trains onsite, 73961 and 73965 on one and 37099 and 37254 on the other
319009 showing off its incomplete livery

15th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

43046 shows off its new name
66793 is nearing completion in the Paintshop
317890 is in the scrap line
Balfour Beatty's 'New Track Construction Machine' has received maintenance

11th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

70810 and 70812 are tested on a Test Train

8th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

33012 has had its cab roofs removed

4th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Power Cars Batch 2...
60028 brought in 43465, 43296, 43484 and 43480 last night
The Power Cars were then shunted so that 60046 could take 43467, 43308, 43296 and 43423 away to Willesden for storage the following morning
Midland Pullman 43046 has been named;
'Geoff Drury 1930-1999 Steam Preservation and Computerised Track Recording Pioneer'
317346 and 317652 arrived last night for disposal

3rd March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Power Cars Batch 1...
60046 brings in 43423, 43468, 43308 and 43467

25th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66793 arrives for repainting behind 66705 and is straight inside for work to begin

24th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

56090 arrives to collect some tank wagons
Failed 313121 is propelled in from Eastleigh station by 313202

22nd February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

317890 is the first ex-London Overground 317 to arrive for disposal

19th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

43083 is off its bogies and on stands
Barrier 6330 is complete with ROG decals and awaits collection
62900 of 319010 is the first of that set to be painted
701012 and 701015 are onsite for testing/commissioning
More LU wagons have arrived, this time by rail from East Yard as they were too long to come over the bridge on a lorry

16th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66743 arrived overnight with Translator Set T7 and 317657 and 317672 for disposal
317672 went straight into the scrap line
77017 is the last vehicle of 317514 to be scrapped

9th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Galloway Princess arrives with 47501 for repairs and a bunch of Mk3s for overhaul
37611 and 37608 had a layover with 442406 on their way to Wolverton
62899 of 319009 is now also blue
A light covering of snow is soon to disappear

8th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The first vehicle of 319009 has been painted ROG blue
70010 was left here after an inbound wagon move at the weekend

4th February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

317514 is in the scrap line

3rd February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The cabs of D6515 (33012) are being stripped out ready for removal of the cab roofs for corrosion repairs
77226 is the last vehicle of 317655 to be scrapped

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