Carl's Railway Photos

29th April - Littlehampton

After spending the afternoon looking around the town and the seafront on this glorious day, it was fitting that our ride back to Havant was on another 313, 313204

29th April - 'Sussex Rambler' Class 313 Farewell

Joining at Havant for the run to Portsmouth Harbour, back to Barnham (reverse), Bognor Regis (middle road), then to Littlehampton with 313201 and 313213 doing the honours
Plenty of interest at every stop and good planning of stops for photos
Another excellent BLS tour with good organisation and plenty of stewards, well done to Kevin and the team from BLS, GTR and others
My thanks to all involved for the invitation to take part in this historic event

29th April - Havant

Diverted Voyagers add to the usual fare of Southern and SWR units while we wait for the Class 313 Farewell tour to arrive

25th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73109 and 73141 arrive for maintenance
Class 450 swapover day with 450007 in and 450022 out

24th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

E6040 (73133) 'The Bluebell Railway' begins its journey to its namesake railway behind 66792 on the first leg to Eastleigh Yard where a lorry is waiting

22nd April - Cynheidre, Llanelli & Mynydd Mawr Rly

Plenty of stock on site, including four Pacers, ex-Isle of Wight and London Underground Class 483s, a Class 315, a Class 122 and a Class 73
The grounded body of 153374 is being converted into a cafe
There are several cabs from the Cab Yard at Bridgend which is setting up a display area here, including 47738
There is also a very curious looking bogie used by LU to test rail adhesion, check out details of the 'Willesden Bogie' here
My thanks to Mark Thomas for the escorted tour of this up and coming railway, I wish them well in their plans

20th April - Gwili Railway

ex-GWR Pannier 6430 on the service train
Plenty of interest along the line
A planned stop at Llwyfan Cerrig gave time for a look around the sidings, including an HST Power car!

19th April - Tintern

On the way to West Wales, we stopped off at this beautifully restored station at Tintern, in the Wye Valley about 15 minutes off the M48 at Chepstow
Two Mk2 TSOs sit on a section of track and form a museum/activity space
The coffee shop in the restored station building is excellent

18th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37611 resplendent in all its glory
66307 and 66308 are both now completed and having the final bits put back on
E6040 now has shed plates - 75H (Sheffield Park)
73119 visited for replacement brake blocks

13th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37602 awaits a tow to East Yard for its next journey on the back of a lorry
66308 has a blue roof and is now ready for the blue on the bodysides

12th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66307 is de-masked and ready for the re-fitting of grilles and windows etc
66308 is masked up ready for the blue roof
37611 is now wrapped

11th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66307 is done and is waiting for the paint to dry fully before removal of the masking and stencils
66308 is now in the booth ready to receive its own coat of GBRf Gold
37611 is having its ROG wrap fitted

6th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66308 awaits its turn in the booth while 66307 receives its GBRf Gold

5th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Later that day, E6040 is posed with 2991, both in gleaming BR Blue
08567 shunts 47818 and 37602 inside

5th April - 73133 Naming @ Arlington Eastleigh

E6040 is named 'The Bluebell Railway' by Roy Watts, Vice-President of the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society after speeches by the loco's owner, Paul Auckland, and previous owner, John Buxton, in front of a group of invited guests
Moving outside under its own power, it was then demonstrated on both diesel and 3rd rail power

4th April - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73133 becomes E6040 once again and receives its nameplates and crests
37611 and 66307 are in the paint booths, 66308 is not far behind

3rd April - Mid Hants Railway

Southern S15 506 on the service train
Two 08s, a Class 11, two 20s, a 47 and a DEMU

30th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

43083 is lifted to donate a bogie for another classmate
A shunt around in the Paintshop to get 142003 through into Bay 1 for CET fitting

29th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

A busy scene in the Paintshop with 37611 and the two 66s
37611 has lost its nameplates

28th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Before and after - 66307 and 66308 arrive for repainting and 66306 departs in its new GBRf livery
37611 has also arrived for repainting
73133 looks superb in BR Blue with small yellow panels

16th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Mk1 BSK 35479 is now in BR Carmine and Cream livery and being made ready to return to Crewe

15th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Mk1 RBR 1666 is being finished off ready to depart
2991 'Bruce' is back out doing what it does best - shunting

14th March - 2991 (07007) is Named 'Bruce'

2991 (07007) is named 'Bruce' after Bruce Knights who attended the surprise naming
Bruce had selected the livery and number, to return it to its 'original' BR Blue livery, albeit somewhat shinier than when it was last seen in this version of the livery

14th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Three Class 313s have arrived for storage from Brighton
66306 is almost completed in GBRf livery

9th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

66306 and 2991 receive their decals

8th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

68023 has arrived to collect a single PFA wagon
66306 is now in primer

7th March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57311 looks great in its new livery but is boxed in by coaches

2nd March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Decals are in place on 07007, it will soon return its original 2991 identity
57311 is completed in lined black livery
Mk1 RBR 1666 is now in BR Blue and Grey

1st March - Arlington Eastleigh Works

800113 arrives for repairs
07007 now has nameplates ready for its naming on 14th March

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