Carl's Railway Photos

2nd February - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57311 now has yellow ends and is masked up reday for the body to be painted
37602 is inside being made ready for departure
66722 has dropped off some wagons for repair
73107 has had its wash as well as a new set of wheels
73119 has had a traction motor defect repaired

26th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

07007 is now awaiting a replacement window glass and decals

24th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57311 is well underway in the Paintshop
07007 now has working lights
73133 is in the welding area having the corrosion cut out and replaced
67027 is inside for fitting of its new wheels
450093 has some additional graphics on its SWR livery

17th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57302 is now on stands
07007 has working headlights both ends and working marker lights at one end
Midland Pullman 43046 and 43055 have arrived for minor work
701025 has arrived for short term storage

11th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

50026 arrives back from Swanage behind 33012 and is re-united with 50021
57302 is inside for disconnection of its bogies raedy for a start on its overhaul
Work has started on the lights on 07007
Work has started on Mk1 BFK 17013 in the Paintshop
Mk1 FO 3091 is moved inside for work to begin

10th January - 69007 Naming

69007 is named 'Richard Trevithick' by Andrew Skinner in front of a group of ex-Cardiff Canton colleagues
56037 and BR arrows were on one side for the neaming and replaced with 69007 and GB Railfreight logo before the loco was taken outside

10th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

07007 is now in the workshop for the next stage of repairs, repairing and replacing lights
57311 is in the Paintshop

9th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73133 is now almost back to bare metal on both sides
The nameplates and '56037' decals are fitted to 69007
A batch of LU wagons is awaiting collection to go to East Yard for loading onto lorries to return to London

5th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57311 is back on bogies and head to the Paintshop next
73133 has had its gutters removed for repairing

4th January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

701031 has arrived for short term storage
The nameplates have arrived for 69007
MPV DR98974 is having repairs after hitting a tree

3rd January - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Work begins on 73133
47771 is back on stands for the next stage
73107 needs a wash!
'SARAH SIDDONS' is now on stands

22nd December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Plenty of BR Blue with both 07007 and 69007 now painted
73133 is now in the Paintshop ready for prep work to be started in the New Year

21st December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

69007 is now in BR Blue
07007 is also now BR Blue
'SARAH SIDDONS' has been moved into the main workshop for disconnection of its bogies so it can be lifted ready for new wheels to be fitted
Mk2 BFK 17080 is finally in the scrap area, ready to be processed in early January
The building work continues with its frame growing to quite a size

15th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Bodywork repairs have started on Paul Spracklen's Mk2 BFK
Marking out continues on 07007

14th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

07007 now has yellow ends and a start has been made on marking out for the black chevrons
69007 now has a blue roof

13th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Building work has started on a separate part of the site, now fenced off from the main Works
73133 has been sold and is now awaiting a visit to the Paintshop for a smart new livery before heading off to the Bluebell Railway

8th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

69007 is primed and is now pink!

7th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Mk3 TF is the latest MIdland Pullman vehicle and the first wioth new carpet and revised toilet decor, as well as many other small enhancements
The 20s take this and two ex-RCS TFs now fitted with CET back to Crewe
Mk1 BFK 17013 is being prepared for repainting

6th December - Arlington Eastleigh Works

07007 is now in primer
The LSL 20s are back again with Mk3 TF 41108

30th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

69007 (ex-56037) arrives for a repaint into something special
'SARAH SIDDONS' is repainted and 'bagged up' to keep the surprise for a little longer

29th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73002 is having welding to fix some of the worst areas of corrosion
07007 has had its own weld repairs and is now back in the Paintshop for repainting
Mk2 BFK 17080 is in the scrap line for final component recovery

27th November - NEC Birmingham

Part built replica of a BR 3MT 2-6-2T, 82045, is on display at the Warley Model Railway Show

26th November - Didcot Railway Centre

Nothing running today but still plenty to see

15th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

07007 has entered the Paintshop for some much needed TLC

10th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

73213 is having new wheels
D8096 and D8107 depart with Mk2 FO 3231

9th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

D8107 and D8096 arrive with Mk1 RK 80043

8th November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

'SARAH SIDDONS' is in the Paintshop for its repaint

2nd November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The final Class 360, 360112 is complete and awaits collection

1st November - Arlington Eastleigh Works

67027 is complete but still inside
57311 is having its Dellner coupler recesses plated over

27th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Mk3 TF 41149 is now in Midland Pullman blue and white
67027 is back in the Paintshop for various details to be added
Metropolitan Railway 12 'SARAH SIDDONS' is in the Paintshop
Yesterday's arrival, Mk2 FO 3231, is masked up ready for clear coating

26th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

D1935 (47805) waits to return to Crewe with the barrier vehicle used yesterday

25th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

67027 almost finished in GBRf livery
66791 collects 08451 and Mk1 RK 80041 for movement to East Yard for loading to lorries, 68501 and 68504 along for brake force
47805 arrives with a mix of coaches for attention

19th October - Island Line

A ride from end to end today, stopping off to capture as many of the units as possible
484002 and 484005 in service and 484001, 484003 and 484004 on Ryde depot

18th October - Sandown

484002 and 484005 pass through within a few minutes of each other
A couple of interesting planters out front of the station

17th October - Brading

The new passing loop allows trains to pass here now, 484002 and 484005 obliging
The wonderfully restored signal box and a couple of station cats seemingly having a turf war!

17th October - Holliers Farm Park

Class 483 unit 004 in position with signs of ramps being built to access for its intended use as a restaurant

16th October - Smallbrook Junction

484005 passes twice while no.24 runs round its train on successive round trips

16th October - Isle of Wight Steam Railway

Recently rebuilt Ryde Pier Tramway Car no.2 is in operation doing short trips, we had a ride to Wootton and back. A wonderful machine, simple but interesting and beautifully rebuilt
Southern no.24 'CALBOURNE' is on the main service trains

11th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

142007 outside for the first sight of its new livery
142003 is also outside, on test in the yard

6th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Mk3 TF 41149 makes its way to the Paintshop for a coat of blue and white
Several DRS PFA wagons in various stages of overhaul

5th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

67027 is now off its bogies awaiting new wheels
66751 collects Translators 6376 and 6377 after repairs
142007 is almost complete in Regional Railways North West livery

4th October - Arlington Eastleigh Works

The final four Class 317 motor coaches are now in the scrap line for processing, 62696 of 317892 being first in line

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