Carl's Railway Photos

17th August - Darley Dale

Passing on the train and seeing some of the locos and stock owned by Pete and Andrew Briddon

17th August - Peak Rail

An immaculate looking D1501 (47402), having recently arrived from the East Lancs Railway
An equally immaculate D7659 (25309) recently returned to traffic after overhaul, looks like it's been involved in testing some VTG HYA wagons
RSH 0-4-0ST 7063 on the service train
A TEA tank on a road trailer awaiting delivery

16th August - Sheffield

Plenty of 185s parked up....not a lot of TPE activity with only a handful starting to run around lunchtime....with 68024 through on its 'Special Train'
No freight for hours and then three at once with GBRf and Freightliner trains plus a Freightliner 70 light engine....all within a few minutes!
A good mix of units with plenty more of the new CAF 195s

16th August - Meadowhall

Busy place on the outskirts of Sheffield with my first sight of the new CAF units

15th August - Barnetby

Not the place I remember from the 1980s! Still a fair bit of traffic with 66s back and forth and 185s the mainstay of the passenger diagrams, with the occasional 158 or 170
TPE 68024 on a 'Special Train' according to the destination in the loco
The station seems to span two time zones with clocks at different times on adjacent platforms 3 and 4!

11th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

69006 (ex-56128) arrives for repainting
08451 is now blue
Mk1 BSK 35333 is being repainted

10th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

08451 is almost ready for the blue
66850 and 70802 are on site for repairs
73107 has arrived for new wheels

9th August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

37558 (37424) and 66304 have arrived with PFAs for overhaul
59003 is now off its bogies having new wheels fitted
73962 is also off its bogies for new wheels

2nd August - Arlington Eastleigh Works

360118 is now repainted EMR purple

1st August - Mid Hants Railway

D8188 and BR 30925 on the service trains
D3462 (08377) shunting at Ropley
BR 34007 being stripped for overhaul
Peckett 1788 having its chimney removed

26th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Mk2 FO 3325 is complete and awaits decals
73141 is awaiting departure with new wheels
Mk1 FO 3091 has arrived for overhaul with two Mk3 TRBFs

19th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

57311 has now lost its 'Thunderbird' nameplates

18th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

43059 is now in a version of the Midland Pullman colours but with just 'PULLMAN' on the side
360117 is repainted in EMR purple
Mk2 FO 3325 nears completion in the Paintshop

17th July - Didcot Railway Centre

D9516 and GWR 1340 on the demonstration lines
Recently overhauled 'PENDENNIS CASTLE' on display in the shed

17th July - Didcot

The usual fare as we pass through to the GWS depot

14th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

Balfour Beatty's Drain Train arrives for maintenance
73962 has arrived for new wheels
Mk1 RBR W1671 now has decals fitted

12th July - Arlington Eastleigh Works

A quiet day....the only notable thing being the departure of the cab of 55706 to its new home at The Cab Yard

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